Sasinno’s new H series fully automatic screen printer

Sasinno is pleased to introduce the new H series fully automatic screen printer. By separating the cleaning unit from the CCD camera, the H series printer minimizes motor load and improves positioning accuracy and speed. In addition, double sliders make the printer head precise and stable while the scraper moves back and forth.

Programmable printhead and motor control ensure precise PCB control. Additionally, the H-series offers automatic conveyor width adjustment, automatic stencil cleaning (dry/wet/vacuum), and automatic 2D paste inspection. The Windows 10 interface is easy to learn and program.

Sashin’s brand is “Smart and Steady Innovation”. The company has established strong worldwide distribution channels with well-trained engineers to support customers everywhere.

For more information on partial soldering and turkey THT line solutions, please visit: Sashin’s dot com.

http://smttoday.com/2022/08/03/new-h-series-fully-automatic-screen-printer-from-sasinno/ Sasinno’s new H series fully automatic screen printer

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