Samsung The Frame Now Available: Wall Art TV Up to $ 800 Off

Samsung flame It doesn’t look like any other TV. Its ultra-thin screen also doubles as a place to display digital art, just like a regular picture frame, it’s only 24.9mm thick. Registering at Samsung’s art store for $ 5 per month gives users access to over 1,400 artworks that can be viewed on screen. Design-conscious buyers can also enjoy 6GB of onboard storage. This is enough to hold about 1,200 ultra-high resolution photos, including your own.

On TV 4K resolution, QLED technology with quantum dots Samsung’s dual LED backlight construction, and the company’s complete smart TV streaming suite.


Frame TVs of various sizes (32-75 inches) offer significant discounts on Amazon. Few TVs offer the unique elegance of a frame, and some buyers may value its style over image quality. Even at the sale price, you will pay a high premium for the unique look of The Frame.

One of the things that doesn’t correspond to a frame Samsung Q60A seriesWith similar image quality, the 55-inch size is about $ 300 cheaper. Other TVs are also cheap and have excellent image quality. for example, Vizio M-7 Series Quantum It uses a full array of local dimming (a feature not found on these Samsung TVs) for superior image quality, and is $ 430 cheaper than the 55-inch The Frame.

The 75-inch model is the largest in the series and is suitable for those who want to feature art in a large room.

For most people who want to add a set to their living room, we recommend a 65-inch TV.

The 55-inch model is suitable when the living room space is small.

A 50-inch TV works well in medium-sized rooms such as the study or master bedroom.

Unlike the larger sizes, the 43-inch TV can be hung vertically in portrait mode as well as landscape. This size is suitable for bedrooms and other small rooms in the house.

The small 32-inch TV was last year’s 2020 model with an internal storage limit of 500MB. Like the 43-inch, it can be hung vertically or horizontally. Samsung The Frame Now Available: Wall Art TV Up to $ 800 Off

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