Samsung has new tactics to combat information leaks

Like most other major brands, Samsung We regularly suffer from premature leaks of information about products that appear on the web long before the official premiere. Now the company is ready to rely on new measures to combat the leak and its causes.

The company was last hit by a leak only recently. Almost everything was known about the flagship Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and Galaxy Buds 2 headphones shortly before their release in August. The company even sends blackmails and claims to the media in connection with images published on the Internet, which only stimulates insider enthusiasm.

Samsung has new tactics to combat information leaks

Now Samsung is about to take new steps. Ironically, the text of a new contract with a partner of a company that is part of a chain of suppliers is leaking to the network. The contract requires employees who previously worked in competing factories to work in the process of providing access to Samsung’s sensitive information.

In addition, partners should notify Samsung immediately if an employee is dismissed. If the company violates at least one of the conditions, it will be fined $ 85,000.

The new rules do not apply to all partners in the company. The contract comes in two versions, standard, unlimited and extended, and is deeply involved in Samsung’s manufacturing process related to semiconductors and other critical components. We are talking about some Japanese companies and Korean subsidiaries of some global brands.

The new measure is not only Leak, but a recent battle between Samsung and Mujin Electronics, which had previously worked with South Korean giants but was later captured trying to “leak” technical secrets by Chinese rivals. May be related to. Samsung soon ended the partnership.

Samsung postpones shipments of Galaxy Z Fold 35G and Galaxy Z Flip 35G

On August 11th, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Z Fold 35G and Galaxy Z Flip 35G foldable smartphones. The actual sale of the device was scheduled to begin on August 27th. But now there are reports of delays.

Customers in some European countries, especially Germany, who pre-ordered the device in question. According to online sources, we are beginning to receive delays in shipping from Samsung. Smartphone shipping may be delayed until mid-September.

The current situation is due to strong demand for the Galaxy Z Fold 35G and Z Flip 35G. This exceeded the expectations of the Korean giant. In addition, the observed shortage of electronic components can adversely affect the quantity of new products.

As of the end of last week, the total number of device orders reached 450,000. By the end of the application acceptance period; we expect to receive up to 800,000 orders. Samsung has new tactics to combat information leaks

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