Samsung Galaxy Bad 2 launched with ANC and bidirectional speakers

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked has brought many new products, including the Galaxy Z Fold3, Z Flip3 and Galaxy Watch 4 series.Company too Has been updated A portfolio of TWS headsets with the new Galaxy Buds 2. The new hearable comes with a lightweight design and active noise canceling with three microphones in each bud. Samsung is finally enhancing the game by introducing ANC to non-professional models.

Galaxy Buds 2 features and specifications

Samsung Galaxy Bad 2 arrives with dynamic bidirectional speakers. The new TWS headset is split into a woofer and a tweeter. As a result, it promises clear treble and deep atmospheric bass. Samsung trimmed the weight to 5.0 grams per bud, and the case added only 41.2 grams to the total weight.

Three microphones located on each earphone bring Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to life. Improve your experience while listening to music, cancel noise and provide noise-free “impressive call quality”. The earphones also come with a voice pickup unit (VPU), which helps you filter only your own voice, not external noise.

According to Samsung, the new active noise canceling feature can block up to 98% of noise. The company also brings an enhanced ambient mode for when you really want to hear what’s happening around you. Hearables also come with machine learning-based solutions that adapt to external sounds such as cars, wind and emergency vehicles.

Samsung also offers Galaxy wearable apps for PC users. From there, users will be able to set up noise controls and equalizers on the Galaxy Buds 2. Bud also has an automatic switching solution that allows seamless switching between various Galaxy devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

There is also a Galaxy Wearable Fit Test as part of the companion app. It allows you to choose the right size rubber tip for the best sound experience.

Galaxy Buds2

When it comes to charging cases, the Galaxy Buds 2 case is very similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro case. Interestingly, it also packs the exact same battery capacity – 472mAh. For individual batteries, each bud comes with a battery capacity of 61mAh. According to reports, battery life is 5 hours with ANC enabled and 8 hours without ANC. Taking the case into account, the battery life can be up to 12/18 hours.

Price and stock status

The Galaxy Buds2 is available in graphite, white, oliver green and lavender colorways. Samsung also offers a variety of “playful third-party cases.” These include designs inspired by The Simpsons, Star Wars and more. There is also a special case that mimics the new Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone.

In terms of pricing, in Europe the new Galaxy Buds 2 will be priced at € 149 / £ 139. It will be on sale from August 27th. Samsung Galaxy Bad 2 launched with ANC and bidirectional speakers

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