Samsung confirms the event on August 11th — this is what to expect

Samsung has sent an invitation to the product launch event on August 11th. The invitations may not seem like much, but they strongly suggest which products you’ll see, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (dark gray shape) or the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (purple and light gray shape). I am. This is clearly a collapsible event, but you might also see the Galaxy Watch 4, a device that launches an improved version of Wear OS by Google and Samsung.

Samsung’s August launch event usually shows the announcement of the Galaxy Note with the S-Pen, but all the signs are the Galaxy Note. Dead this year. Samsung has shipped an external S-pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which, with optional support for the Z Fold 3, should be sufficient for handwriting fans.

Fold 3

As always, most of these devices are already leaking. 91 mobile phone There is an official press rendering for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This is very similar to last year’s Z Fold 2.Samsung’s second swing in a tablet-like foldable Nice sophistication of Original Galaxy Fold, With a larger front display Folding glass Among them.

Samsung doesn’t seem to do everything with the Galaxy Fold 3 camera. Galaxy Fold 3 has only 3 round lenses, Galaxy S21 Ultra.. An important part of this device is the foldable screen, which is expected to allow Samsung to cut out some corners in other areas and lower the price a bit from the $ 2,000 price tag in the Galaxy Fold 1 and 2 stratosphere. SamMobile You might see something like a $ 1,600 price tag, as the phone claims that it has been reduced by 20%. It’s progress.

There aren’t many hard spec sheets yet, but all of these flagship phones have similar specs.The displays are expected to be a 7.55-inch main display and a 6.23-inch external display, both displays Probably Run at 120Hz. The Fold2’s outer display was 60 Hz and the inner display was 120 Hz, which was strange.One of the rumors is Samsung’s foldable Be water resistant This year will be an engineering feat given all the moving parts of the hinges and the floating sliding interior display. Water resistance represents a big step forward, as you can slip a piece of paper into the gaps in the original Galaxy Fold.

Flip 3

The invitation also hints at the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This is a regular size smartphone that folds into thick bricks.The· Z flip 1 Launched in 2020, “Did Samsung really release three phone models in 18 months?” The answer is no. ZFlip2 did not exist. Samsung wants number uniformity between folds and flips, so it skips numbers.

There is also an official press render for this phone (from GizNext), And the interior is very similar to the Z Flip 1. The major changes are external, with a large 1.9-inch front display and two large cameras. The front display is almost twice the size of the Z Flip 1’s tiny 1.1-inch front display and should help address one of the biggest complaints about the device. All of these foldable phones require a great deal of effort to open and usually require both hands (like foldable phones, the flip hinges are not spring-loaded). Therefore, it is very important to have a good external screen that can be operated quickly. You need to be able to see notifications quickly when your phone beeps. Larger screens make notifications much more convenient. Z-flip still seems to be behind a design like MotrazulHowever, it had a 2.7-inch external display.

Plus clock, maybe?

It’s a bit worrisome that the invitation doesn’t mention the Galaxy Watch 4, but we hope Samsung’s flagship smartwatch will also be unveiled at the event.The device is already easily posted on Amazon and the official photo is Samsung has a regular version of 44mm and a “classic” design of 46mm, with a second number engraved on the bezel of the watch.

Much more interesting than the design is the software that comes with this watch. Google and Samsung have teamed up to revamp Wear OS, an Android-based smartwatch platform. The last major feature update for Wear OS In 2018, And since then we have only seen the development of basic maintenance.Little is known about the new version, but hopefully it will have a beautiful touch Design direction of “Material You” Android 12 emphasizes.

Samsung has abandoned Tizen for smartwatches and switched to Google’s operating system. This should improve your app’s support. Samsung will also bring Samsung-designed SoCs to the party, which should greatly help both companies develop competitive smartwatches. Previously, the Wear watch required a Qualcomm chip, but Qualcomm Not really I am interested in creating a competitive SoC for wearables. Even last year’s Galaxy Watch 3 SoC, the 10nm Exynos 9110, will be upgraded over what Qualcomm is currently producing, but the Galaxy Watch 4 is one generation ahead of that generation. Exynos W920.. We hope Samsung will provide the details.

Perhaps with the release of earphones, that’s all we’re looking forward to for Samsung’s next major launch. Check in on August 11th! Samsung confirms the event on August 11th — this is what to expect

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