Salvation Special – Elite Dangerous: Azimuth Saga Finale

Elite Space Soldier Reaches Story Peak

Frontier Developments’ open world exploration space SIM Elite Dangerous is a game I’ve been playing single player for a while now. There is also an online version, but with numbers below his 7,000, single player is more appealing. We love getting lost alone in a distant galaxy, filming shit, and heading home for a nice space latte in the evening.

The previous story was good, but Azimuth Saga The plot got us really hot under the spacesuit. So it’s exciting to hear that the story is about to reach its climax. But it remains to be seen if this story will end in a black hole in our memories or a brilliant supernova. What we do know has happened before.

The story behind Azimuth

The Azimuth Saga began in October 2020 with the eerie discovery of Adamaster, an abandoned 200-year-old ship behemoth. At the same time, a mysterious figure named Salvation obtained a powerful new anti-Xeno weapon and used it to wipe out many of his Thargoid forces over the next 18 months.

Following these victories, Salvation amassed alliances from three major superpowers. Alliance, Empire, Federation. Recently, the Commander (player) has uncovered a terrifying revelation about the identity of the Savior in their personal histories and questionable research methods. At least not yet.

It is impossible to know which direction to go next. Will the allies turn their backs on salvation? Will the saviors win respect by finally eradicating all Thargoids from the galaxy?

The original version of the Elite Dangerous we know and love began in 1984, so it’s fascinating to see what this long-running franchise will look like. But we can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. But this is also the perfect time for new players to join in.

The final chapter of the Azimuth Saga August 9paves the way for a future Elite Dangerous update, expected to arrive in the second half of 2022.

Elite Dangerous is now steam for pcXbox One and PS4 Salvation Special – Elite Dangerous: Azimuth Saga Finale

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