Sad Wolverine memes become immortal as action figures

The· Sad wolverine memeLogan in 90’s costume X-Men: Animation series Raise In bed, staring at a photo of his beloved Jean Gray and his intruder Scott Summers. Become an action figure from Mondo.. it’s about time. Few memes can truly capture the same sense of emo thirst. Framed photos are usually replaced with images that make Wolverine’s longing look even more cheerful. Has anyone ever stared at Instagram and lay down in bed as if they were pinning a gadget / vacation spot / person?


This sad Wolverine figure is on a 1: 6 scale, so be prepared to free up space on the shelves.And you Maybe … Take it out of the box and add a variety of other accessories, such as the unmasked Logan’s head and the face of his ex-best friend Morph. why?Mondo Pre-orders for figures started On July 23rd, we will run $ 200 exclusively for Comic-Con. I hope Mondo will follow up with another meme figure: Wolverine sad to see Scott and Jean’s kiss..

Sad wolverine action figure


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