Roomba j7 + Poop Detection Robot Vacuum Cleaner is currently $ 250 off

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If you decide to clean up more regularly in 2022, a robot vacuum can help. And for those who don’t like cleaning, investing in a robot vacuum with a self-exhaust function can make a vacuum cleaner, so there is almost no need to operate the machine.With the code, two high-end models of clean-based iRobot are currently on sale at Wellbots. ENGADGET250 On checkout — Both Roomba s9 + and Roombaj7 + will be $ 250 off for $ 850 and $ 600, respectively. These are great deals, especially considering that the prices are better than we saw on Cyber ​​Monday at the end of last year.

Buy Rumba j7 + at Welbot-$ 600 Buy Rumba s9 + at Wellbot-$ 850

Roomba j7 + is iRobot’s latest robo-vac, featuring new AI-powered computer vision technology to help you detect and move around objects as you clean them. Thanks to this feature, the company calls the j7 a series of “poop detection” devices. This is because you should be able to successfully avoid the accident of pets, which is the enemy of robot vacuum cleaners. iRobot’s Pet Owner Official Promise (or POOP for short) ensures that a new vacuum cleaner is available if the robot cannot avoid poop during the first year of ownership.

Otherwise, the j7 series is just below the s9 series in the iRobot lineup. In short, it has many advanced features such as 10 times the suction power of standard Roomba, dual multi-surface rubber brushes, and Imprint Smart Mapping. In the latter, vacuum cleaners to clean only specific rooms. The “plus” part of the j7 + refers to a clean base, or an extension of the dock where the vacuum cleaner empties its debris after every job. Therefore, instead of emptying the trash can yourself every time you clean it, you only have to empty the base about once every two months. Combine this with the iRobot mobile app’s smart controls, you only need to interact with Roomba frequently. With this app, you can remotely start the device, set a cleaning schedule, and more.

The s9 + is the most advanced device manufactured by iRobot and has some differences from the j7 series. It has 40 times the suction power of iRobot’s standard series of vacuum cleaners and a design that helps clean corners. It also has a slightly different technology than the j7 series, but it also has a 3D sensor that helps detect and clean up the surroundings of objects. Both are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you can control robo-vacs with voice commands as needed.

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