“Return” players can finally save the game (a kind)

One of the main complaints players had Until now, there was no real way, except for a high level of difficulty. In the middle of execution. Of course, you can leave the PS5 on or put it in hibernation mode, but if there is a power outage or an automatic system software update at night, all progress will be lost. The lack of a state save option wasn’t great, given that the run could last for hours.

Housemarque, Finally tried to solve the problem Returns 2.0 patch. The Suspend Cycle option allows you to pause execution, create suspend points, and close the game without worrying too much about losing progress.

However, there are some caveats. Execution can only be resumed once from the pause point. Therefore, if Selene dies (or is more likely), do not expect to return to that point. This is a smart way to introduce a storage system and allow players to rest without interrupting the rogue light structure, which starts over from the beginning of the game.

You cannot create suspend points even in certain scenarios. If you’re in the middle of a boss battle, a fierce battle sequence, a movie or a first-person section, you’ll need to check it somehow. “We felt there was a moment Returns Most experienced in an unfragmented state to maintain the intended challenge and flow, “game director Harry Kluger wrote. ..

The biomes of Atropos are deadly, but they are also often gorgeous. To help you capture the sights Returns The player was looking for an in-game — photo mode. Except in certain situations (such as the first person section), you can pause the PS5 only and enter photo mode.

You can choose the tools you have at your disposal, such as settings for focal length, aperture, color gradient, saturation, contrast, and how to change the lighting in your scene. There are also filters, effects, frames, coloring options and other ways to jazz up the image before capturing.

Meanwhile, Sony will be the next host on Wednesday. The showcase runs for about 20 minutes and focuses primarily on third-party games, but don’t be surprised if Sony sneaks in one or two first-party games.

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