Residents of the United States can order a free home COVID-19 test from January 19th.

One year, ten months, and eight days after the World Health Organization declares a COVID-19 pandemic, Americans will be able to order free home tests from the government. Starting January 19th, you will be able to access to request tests and the tests will be mailed to your home.

So far, the website only has landing pages in English and Spanish. Please note that we will also bear the shipping cost.

The Biden administration has purchased a billion quick tests at home to provide free to US residents. The hope is to make sure everyone has the test handy when needed. The White House said 500 million of these tests will be available on January 19. Initially, you can order four for each residential address.

Telephone lines are set up so that people who do not have access to the website can place orders. The government says it is working with national and local organizations to help people in endangered and affected communities secure tests.

One important thing to note is that tests are usually shipped within 7-12 days of ordering. The timeline is incredibly useless for those who show symptoms of COVID-19 or are in close contact with positive cases and do not have a home test at hand.

Still, it’s worth hoarding these free tests, especially considering how much they are in demand. Even Twitter accounts, known to help people protect new game consoles, have recently provided inventory alerts for the COVID-19 test.

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