Resident Evil Village: Mercenary Beginner’s Guide

Mercenary mode was significantly lacking Resident Evil Since then, after being included in all games Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.. Thankfully, the latest installments of the franchise, Resident Evil Village, The fan’s favorite mode has been revived. Mercenaries make players fight against swarms of enemies while they are watching the clock. The goal is to reach the highest possible rank on each map and unlock unique in-game rewards.Here’s how to unlock a mercenary with Resident Evil Village, With some useful strategies to achieve a high score.

How to unlock and play Resident Evil Village mercenaries

To unlock a mercenary Resident Evil Village, You have to win the campaign. After that, you will earn Completion Points (CP) that can be used in the Extra Content Shop. please do not worry. The mercenary costs only 200 CP and should be over 30,000-40,000 after completing the first playthrough. You can now access mercenaries from the bonus menu. It’s at the top.

Mercenary: Mechanics and Gameplay

The mercenary has eight stages, starting with a village, a castle, a factory, and a mad cow village. These four stages are repeated on a more difficult level and are called The Village II, The Castle II, and so on. These are called “front 4” and “back 4”. Surrounding these stages are the Gold Time Extension Orb and the Blue Ability Orb. These play an important role in achieving high scores in mercenaries.

Purchase weapons, equipment, and upgrades from Duke before embarking on a lycan-killing adventure. Each mission has an area that players can clear and will stop at the Duke between each location. Use Ray wisely and be sure to upgrade your gun before you come back. Save ammo, avoid damage, and most importantly, keep the combo alive. Let’s get into some of the more subtle strategies.

All abilities and their functions

Biohazard Village Mercenary Mode selects the ability screen.

Note the blue ability orbs that spread across each area of ​​the mercenary. Approach the orb and interact with it to destroy the orb and gain new abilities. These are like Ethan’s perks and power-ups to help you explore the SSS rank. Here is a list of all the abilities of the mercenary and what each one does.

  • Agile – speeds up
  • All Brown-Increases attack power but slows down
  • Adrenaline – Slightly recovers HP when attacked with a gun
  • Blade Master-Knife deals 5x more damage
  • Breakshot – When the enemy’s HP is full, the first attack will do more damage
  • Corpse Combustor-Can explode enemies when killed with a gun
  • Fiddle Shooter-Switching enemies increases attack power
  • Horrible Gourmet-Recovers a little HP when defeating an enemy
  • Health-Maximum HP increase
  • Infighter-Melee combat attacks do more damage
  • No Brainer – Headshots do more damage
  • Out of reach – long range attacks do more damage
  • Pistol Master-Pistols do more damage
  • Shotgun Master-Increases shotgun damage
  • Slow Motion – Reduces enemy movement
  • Thick skin – reduces damage taken

In addition, you can unlock the other 4 abilities by achieving A rank in the front 4 stages. You can activate the orb while you’re on the move, and even instantly turn around before entering the ability selection screen. If you try to keep the combo alive, these milliseconds will be added immediately.

Front 4 stages

Duke of Resident Evil Village.

These first four stages aren’t for walking in the park, but they’re much easier than the Level II stages. The absolute best you can do is buy and upgrade your sniper rifle. Sell ​​all pistol ammo and most shotgun ammo before embarking on a new area. Skilled players can afford to sell first aid sprays for additional rays.

Players who can achieve B rank in each stage will be permanently awarded a 5,000 bonus ray for that mission. To unlock a new stage, you must achieve Rank A on the last stage you unlocked. For example, The Village is the first stage available. To unlock the castle, you need to get A rank in the village.

Reaching the S rank actually increases the reward. Players can further increase their score with SS and SSS ranks. These rewards will be explained later. The S ranks of the first four stages reward you with new abilities. they are:

  • Village S Rank: Magic Magazine – Double Ammo Capacity
  • Castle S Rank: Run – Attack power increases significantly when enemy health drops below 30%
  • Factory S Rank: Lightning Speed-Increases movement speed, but also increases damage taken
  • Mad Village S Rank: Masamune – Knife attacks are 10 times more powerful, but damage from other attacks is significantly reduced.

How to get S rank (front 4 stages)

Gunsmith in Resident Evil Village.

To reach S rank in the front four stages of the mercenary, you need to focus on upgrading your sniper rifle. If you’ve already achieved Rank B and earned a bonus Lei, you can sell additional shotgun ammo, handgun ammo, and first aid spray for 11,250 Lei, for a total of 51,250 Lei. The usage is as follows.

  • Buy a sniper rifle for 15,000 lei
  • Maximum rate of fire and reload speed
  • Upgrade ammo capacity twice

In these first stages, you don’t have to worry about the firepower of your sniper rifle, as you will shoot all your enemies in one shot. You’ll also find lots of pistol ammo along the way, starting with 10 pistol bullets. But you probably don’t need it.

Do your best to achieve multi-kill with a sniper. Line up your enemies and kill two or three at a time. This saves valuable ammo. Multi-kills also help keep combos alive and increase their score multipliers to 1.5x and 2x.

Remember the map layout and enemy spawns. Mercenaries, like Dark Souls, spawn and trigger enemies in the same way each time. However, those enemies still cannot think for themselves and attack in the same way each time. Except for enemies, time extensions and ability orbs will spawn in the same place. However, abilities are randomized each time.

Memorize enemy spawns to determine the best path to pass through the level. You want to run and shoot constantly. Don’t feel the pressure to kill all the enemies in front of you as soon as possible. Stretch the combo with weaves and weaves to grab the orbs and avoid damage.

Defeating all enemies in the area will add 50,000 bonus points to your score. I hear the announcer say “great!” If the last enemy collapses. Defeat all enemies without breaking the combo to get the best score. When the announcer says “Wow!”, You know you’ve done this. Of course, the better you can get everything done faster. You can earn additional bonus points depending on the time remaining. The most important thing to remember before completing an area is not to reload.

After clearing the area, you will return to Duke. It’s time to upgrade your sniper rifle damage and buy a W870 shotgun. Again, sell first aid and pistol ammo. However, do not sell all shotgun rounds. Save between 10 and 15.

Upgrade your sniper’s ammo capacity to fill your current magazine. Therefore, it cannot be reloaded before returning to Duke. Free ammunition. If possible, upgrade your new shotgun’s ammo capacity and rate of fire as well.

The factory is by far the most challenging stage of the mercenaries. The best thing you can do to achieve an S rank in the first stage of the factory (other than the above) is to remember where the sniper ammo is on the map. Just before entering the foundry room at the beginning of Area 1, look to the left to find the ammo. Second, in the room where the propeller head enemies spawn, there are even more sniper ammo on the low maze-like walls.

How to get S rank (go back 4 steps)

Resident Evil Village Mercenary Mode Drill enemy.

4 stages behind the mercenary Resident Evil Village increases the difficulty level. Ethan will take more damage from incoming attacks, and he will be heavily handicapped by the items available to Duke. You will not be able to access the sniper rifle and shotgun. Instead, you can buy Magnum and Grenade Launchers. However, the Magnum comes with only a handful of shots and you cannot pick up or buy additional rounds. Use them wisely. You can buy rounds of explosives and flash bangs, but you can’t go through the first area because the weapon itself is 50,000 rays.

It is essential to stun lock weak enemies with a pistol. Shoot and defeat thin-legged enemies and drop them on your head. If you can’t kill it, you can escape and reposition it. Stanlock enemies are also a great way to damage enemies, grab orbs, kill enemies and keep combos alive.

For Lycan, you need to get a headshot. They don’t faint as easily as when a slender enemy is shot in the foot. Headshots shift them and sometimes push them backwards.

How to rank factories S (back 4)

Resident Evil Village Hand Gunsmith.

As mentioned earlier, the factory is the most challenging mercenary stage, and the last four stages exemplify it. It was difficult enough for a sniper to defeat all the enemies of these drills. Now you have to do it with your pistol or a properly placed Magnum shot.

Before embarking on the first area of ​​Factory II, do the following at Duke:

  • Sell ​​50 pistol ammo and 1 first aid spray
  • Buy Magnum
  • Upgrade your pistol to LVL4 damage
  • Maximize the rate of fire
  • Set reload speed to LVL2
  • Set ammo capacity to LVL2

Keep in mind that Magnum has only a limited number of shots and you need at least three to bring out Lady Dimitresk’s daughter. However, you don’t have to kill all the enemies in the last four stages to reach S rank. Save ammo, defeat your three daughters, and book for the finish line. As long as you have a decent combo built in advance, you can earn enough points from the first stage when combined with a time bonus.

When you return to Duke, sell Magnum and buy a grenade launcher. Buy as many launcher rounds as you can. If necessary, use the remaining rays to buy first aid sprays and pipe bombs.

Try to use pistols as much as possible in the second factory area. Use the grenade launcher to stun the enemies of the drill and immediately switch to the pistol to blow up the red core.

Monitor your score as soon as you have defeated enough enemies and book in the escape area. The time bonus should get you to the desired score of 545,000.

Mercenary reward

Resident Evil Village Lightsaber and Enemy.

Besides unlocking more stages, abilities and bonus rays, players can unlock secret rewards with Resident Evil Village Mercenary mode. Of course, we’re talking about LZ Answer’s melee weapons. To unlock the LZ Answer, you need to earn SS rank in all mercenary missions.

LZ is a lightsaber that drives away enemies throughout. Resident Evil Village motion. It’s red and double-sided, like Darth Maul’s iconic weapon. Once you’ve earned SS rank on all mercenary maps, you can purchase it from the Bonus Content Shop for 70,000 CP. Then buy from Duke while playing the campaign. The LZ Answerer is essential to complete the Knives Out Challenge. Knives Out requires players to complete the story using only melee weapons, or melee weapons.

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