Republicans threaten to delay Biden’s national security candidate in Afghanistan

Washington — Republican senators have vowed to postpone the candidate for President Joe Biden to the State Department and the Pentagon. Secretary of State Antony Blinken National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has resigned from the administration’s treatment of Afghanistan.

The threat from Republican Senator Josh Hawley is in the midst of bipartisan parliamentary criticism of the Biden administration’s strategy to withdraw from Afghanistan. Holy, a member of the Senate Military Commission, has joined a handful of Republicans seeking the resignation of Blinken, Biden, or both.

“His behavior is shameful,” Holy said of Biden. “He disgraced the country with his shameful leadership in this crisis, and it’s time for him to resign. And if he was responsible for leadership, he would resign. “

Holi cannot completely block candidates, but can interfere with other Senate operations and impose procedural delays that can delay appointments from starting in new posts.

Recently, even lawmakers who sympathize with Biden’s decision to end America’s longest-running war by withdrawing from Afghanistan 20 years later have rushed out of the chaotic Kabul.

At the beginning of Tuesday, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez, DN.J. , Blast He threatened to summon Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin if the Biden administration treated the exit as a “fatal flaw” and did not agree to testify “in the near future.”

Menendez also suggested that if Austin did not testify before the Commission, defense confirmation could be withheld in the coming weeks.

There are 15 candidates for the Department of State, among whom the Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs, which manages foreign military sales, has been elected.

Biden’s candidate for Assistant Secretary of the Army is the only Pentagon candidate on the Senate calendar after the Senate has identified more than 12 defense candidates before the August recess.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Joe Gould is a Congressional reporter for Defense News.

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