Report: Skill improvement is becoming a major challenge for organizations

Insufficient IT resources are one of the key challenges facing IT organizations today, and enterprises need to implement skill-up programs to counter them.

According to the DevOps Institute’s 2022 Skills Up IT Report, 40% of survey respondents say that lack of resource skills is one of the top three challenges. 52% say they are doing formal skill upgrades, but 27% are just beginning to develop.

The findings also show that skill upgrades are a professional and organizational requirement, and the top five skills required for skill upgrades are process framework skills, human skills, technical skills, automation skills, and leadership skills. I showed that there is.

In addition, nearly 60% of respondents plan to hire operational engineering, 40% plan team leaders, and 30% plan site reliability engineers.

The report found that security and cybersecurity are also the most important technical skills. Ninety-two percent of respondents said this skill was important or important, and more than 93% reported that it was important to be familiar with some form of DevSecOps.

Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute, said: “In 2022, skill-up is an organizational responsibility as well as an individual effort. IT professionals will ultimately control and manage their skill-up journey. Due to recruitment trends, an important skill set It turns out that building is worth a personal investment. The Upskilling IT Report provides in-depth insights into the most important skills and abilities to pursue today, including essential human skills. “

The survey surveyed 2,476 respondents from 120 countries who provided over 58,000 data points. The study was conducted by Eveline Oechrlich, Chief Research Officer of the DevOps Institute, with participation from platinum sponsors GitLab and Prisma Cloud, and Palo Alto Networks, Gold Sponsor Launcher, supporters Cycloid, DDLS, The Linux Foundation, LLPA, LPI, and Narada. Code and NTUC participated. Learning Hub, Service Desk Institute, and Taub Solutions.

To download the full report, see. Here.. Report: Skill improvement is becoming a major challenge for organizations

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