Renesas Wireless Power Charging Technology Integrates into Wacom ActiveES  Pen Solution-

Renesas wireless powered devices are light load and highly efficient, making them ideal for low power applications.

Renesas Electronics (TSE: 6723), a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today integrates wireless power charging technology into Wacom’s Active ESPen Solution, a leader in cutting-edge digital pen and ink solutions. I announced that. Renesas single-chip wireless power receiver ICs are smaller and more efficient than alternative high frequency charging solutions. Renesas’ wireless charging technology fits in a digital pen and is small enough to conveniently charge your tablet while wirelessly docking it.

Integrating low-frequency wireless charging into Wacom’s Active ES  pen opens up new possibilities. This novel and innovative concept brings the convenience of wireless charging to accessories, allowing users to express themselves creatively on both smartphones and tablets.

Renesas Wireless Power Group, Mobility Infrastructure, and IoT Power Division. “We continue to be an innovative leader in wireless charging and work with customers around the world to bring the convenience of wireless charging to a variety of platforms.”

“Our customers are always looking for a streamlined solution for charging digital pens. Renesas is anxious to provide consumers with the best solution in the small size and power efficiency we need. He provided the support that had been provided, “said EVP and Sayako Komine, head of the Wacom Technology Solutions Business Unit.

About Renesas Wireless Power Receiver

Renesas wireless power receivers are the world’s highest power density devices, featuring a high level of integration and high efficiency at light loads. Ideal for low power applications such as earphone case charging and digital pens. Unique ping detection features early indication of wireless charger connectivity and improved thermal performance at the end of full battery charging. In addition, the integrated 32-bit processor offers a high level of programmable and design parameters that can be easily configured to work with small rod coils that fit digital pens.

Renesas is the world leader in wireless power solutions for both power receivers (PRx) used in smartphones and other applications, and power transmitters (PTx) used in charging pads and automotive in-vehicle applications. For more information on Renesas wireless power solutions, please visit

Victory combination

Renesas combines complementary components that work together seamlessly to create winning combinations for a variety of systems that utilize wireless charging. One example of these solutions is the design of a pen scanner / reader that can be leveraged for additional smartphone and tablet accessories. Renesas offers more than 300 winning combinations with compatible devices for a wide range of applications and final products. They can be found at Renesas Wireless Power Charging Technology Integrates into Wacom ActiveES  Pen Solution-

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