Remember the hottest day on mobile?

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG) – Mobile has had some summer days that felt like living in an oven over the past few years, but the hottest days aren’t as recent as you might think. maybe.

according to Report from the National Weather Service, Mobile’s hottest day on record was August 30, 2000. The record high was a sweltering 105 degrees.

“I remember that day,” said meteorologist John Nodder. “I was there with my son who was playing Little League Baseball and it was really, really breathtaking and ridiculously hot. bottom.”

July 1952 was second with 104°, and July 1980 was a close third with 103°.

August was the hottest day on record, but July is usually the hottest month in mobile. The average monthly temperature is 91 degrees.

Mobile does not hold the record for the highest temperature in the state, even at 105 degrees. According to Climatic Reports, Centerville holds the record for a temperature of 112 degrees Celsius on September 6, 1925.

It was 105 degrees, and the temperature wasn’t the only thing that was hot in Mobile that day. The hottest song was Janet Jackson’s “Doesn’t Really Matter” and the hottest movie was “Bring it On.”

The 2000 presidential election was also heating up as George W. Bush and Al Gore campaigned.

https://www.wkrg.com/weather/do-you-remember-the-hottest-day-in-mobile/ Remember the hottest day on mobile?

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