Release Radar November 2022

We promised to come back soon. Before the year is over, an incredible number of open source projects are shipping major version releases. I can’t believe we are all saying that now. “When the new year is over!” or “See you next year!” What happened in 2022? Well, we know the open source community has been working hard all this year. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Current Status of the Octoverse ReportSo let’s read through this month’s release radar and highlight the projects that shipped a major version update this November.

CLI for Microsoft 362 6.0

As a Microsoft fangirl, this is one of my favorites. Can manage all Microsoft 365 tenants and SharePoint Framework. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Windows, macOS, Linux, Bash, or PowerShell. CLI for Microsoft 365 You can also create automation scripts. Our latest update includes extended documentation with new commands for all your favorite Microsoft apps. There’s also a new way to configure how commands are displayed and enhanced support for managing Power Platform.Check all changes in Release notes. This website is GitHub page 😉. Also, big congratulations to CLI for Microsoft 365 on her 5th birthday🎂🥳.

React95 4.0

Let’s have more fun with Microsoft Fangirl! I grew up in the days of Windows 95 and Clippy, so this makes sense. React95 Windows 95 style UI component library for React. It has a 90’s feel and nostalgia. Version 4.0 is written entirely in TypeScript and has a cool new Storybook theme.Check all changes in Release notes And try to relive your childhood.

React-PDF 6.0

This month is another React theme. React-PDF A React library that makes it easy to render and display PDFs in React applications. Our latest update brings the long-awaited Vite support. It has modern JavaScript by default and has dropped support for Internet Explorer 11.check out Release notes for all changes. The team also Helpful migration guide.

Box CLI Maker 2.0

Microsoft, React and now CLI themes are running on the release radar. box cli maker is another CLI tool that allows you to create customizable terminal boxes. There are 8 built-in styles, 16 built-in colors and true color support. The latest version includes support for custom colors, optimized code, and additional support for Windows Console.Hurray to the Microsoft fan girl in the room! Check out all the changes Changelogdon’t forget to update to get all new features.

chart.js 4.0

For any JavaScript user out there, this is the one for you. Chart.js is a flexible, lightweight charting tool for designers and developers. Started in 2013, it has over 50,000 stars on GitHub 😮. It’s highly customizable and comes with a lot of default configurations, making it much easier to get started.check them out at Release notesand a migration guide.

Nuxt 3.0

If you look around, you might notice a green Vue.js color palette. NuxtThis is because it is an intuitive Vue framework and provides a great user experience for developers. It’s fast and helps you build your project with on-demand rendering. The latest version is a modern rewrite of the complete Nuxt framework. Based on Vite, Vue3 and Nitro, TypeScript support is now included. It has a stable, production-ready API, browser support, and support for Node.js 14, 16, 18, 19. websiteStay in touch with the community at Nuxt GitHub discussion.

of GitHub skyline The website is built with Nuxt.

Stable Diffusion 2.0

We promised AI in our last release radar.in the October release radarpicked up InvokeAI as a stable diffusion project. now, stable diffusion 2.0 has been released. These are models trained to use AI to create and modify artwork.if you were GitHub Universe, you’ve seen Stable Diffusion used in AI art studios.this newest version Includes a better text-to-image model, and new encoders for: If you haven’t come across AI art yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Artwork created with Stable Diffusion from the GitHub Universe.

Tesseract.js 4.0

With all the text-to-image tools about AI artwork, it would be a mistake not to mention image-to-text recognition. Tesseract.js A JavaScript library that can analyze images of text and extract the text in almost any language.this too dozens of spoken wordsThe latest version includes many breaking changes, including pre-processing options to rotate images for better accuracy. You can also extract processed images. For example, it can now be analyzed if the image is rotated or if it is grayscale.check out Changelog for all updates.

Dependabot Changelog Helper 2.0

GitHub Actions has become one of the largest CI/CD tools, allowing users to discover, create and share actions to get any job done. has thousands of GitHub Actions. GitHub MarketplaceOne such action is Dependabot changelog helper. Developer love dependerbot, and this action automatically updates the changelog with related Dependabot package updates. The latest update fundamentally changes the action to find new unreleased versions of dependencies.check the action at GitHub Marketplace Add to the following projects:

Rebellion 1.0

PHP is currently one of the most popular languages ​​on GitHub. With so many PHP applications out there, developers need a way to manage concurrent PHP applications. rebellion An event loop that helps manage multitasking. This means that when the database is queried, the application should (in theory) be able to handle multiple requests at once, rather than waiting for a single response. rebellion Help this happen.Congratulations team on shipping your first majorstableRelease 🥳.

Release Radar November

Well, that’s it for this month’s top release picks. Congratulations to everyone who shipped a new release, whether version 1.0 or version 6.0. Good luck to everyone packaging their projects and pushing a major version update before the end of 2022.

In case you missed the previous release radar, check out this amazing open source project that has released a major version project. OctoberWe love to showcase projects submitted by the community. If you are working on an open source project and want to ship a major version soon, please let us know.check out our new Radar repository releaseWhen Submit your project to be featured on the GitHub release radar.

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