Release date, gameplay, trailers, etc.

The official F1 game is in progress. This is all we know about the new EA title.

What’s a better way to celebrate an on-track race than the full-scale 2022 Championship, the next F1 22 game? Continue reading to find out what you need to know about the latest titles, such as release dates and trailers.

Release date and price

F1 22 will be released on July 1st, Xbox series X/ /Series S, Xbox 1, Playstation 5, PlayStation 4 And PC

The price depends on the platform on which the game is played, as the Xbox Series console and PS5 version of RRP are priced at £ 79.99, the Xbox One and PS4 version are priced at £ 59.99, and the PC version is priced at £ 49.99. These prices were obtained from Amazon UK.

On the Xbox One / Series console, the Champions Edition download costs £ 21.99, but PC gamers need to fork £ 69.99 to get content for the game itself and the Champions Edition bonus features. Champions Edition is priced at £ 69.99 on the PlayStation, and both PS5 and PS4 versions of the game are available.



The game was created by Codemasters, and UK-based developers claim that this entry provides the franchise with “the biggest shakeup in more than a decade.” Steam and Xbox have 51 PlayStation trophies and 50 achievements.

F122 car view

The F1 22 includes the new Miami Grand Prix, and many circuits will be updated to reflect the changes made in the real world. Some circuits for getting a new layout are Abu Dhabi, Spain and Australia. The latter has been laser scanned to reproduce the circuit more accurately than before, but there are no announcements about other circuits that have undergone the same processing.

F1 life

In addition, Codemasters has introduced a new mode called F1 Life. This will be a customizable hub that simulates the life of an F1 driver, allowing players to check out their collection of cars and accessories.

F1 Life presents a multiplayer lobby where player avatars can be used, giving users the opportunity to dress up their characters. Codemasters also revealed that F1 22 is working with many brands such as Beats, Puma and Sparco to offer players the opportunity to wear a variety of trainers and T-shirts.

F12022 car shot

Super car

For the first time in the F1 franchise, the F1 22 will feature batches of supercars such as McLaren, Mercedes, Aston Martin and Ferrari. These can be used between races on the Time Trail and in F1 Life Mode.

f12022ea has a purple car

It has not yet been confirmed which supercars can be played, Racing Games It claims to include the Ferrari F8 Tributo and Aston Martin Vantage F1 Editions. We will update this article as soon as we have an official list of EA.


It’s been revealed that F1 22 has cross-play, which will allow PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players to play for the first time.

I know it will be introduced in a post-release update, but it cannot be played at the time of release.

The changes from the previous game are small rather than large, but you’ll be back in career mode. The practice program adds a more immersive pit stop as it allows players to turn their car into a pit box or place the car in a designated grid slot. Release date, gameplay, trailers, etc.

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