Red tide of Nabara Beach, says Santa Rosa County

Santa Rosa County, Florida (County)WKRG) — The Florida Department of Health (DOH-Santa Rosa) in Santa Rosa County confirmed on October 14 that there was a red tide at Nabara Beach Pier in Santa Rosa.

Although the level of red tide is low, (DOH-Santa Rosa) is calling on residents to avoid areas with blue tides.

According to a news release from (DOH-Santa Rosa), red tides are naturally occurring blue-green algae found along the Florida coastline.

Red tide can cause coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes when inhaled.

(DOH-Santa Rosa) advises pet owners to avoid beaches with red tides as blue-green algae can affect animals.

(DOH-Santa Rosa) also advises people who are sensitive to red tides and live in beach areas to close the AC filters that maintain windows and air conditioning.

According to the release, seafood, including shellfish, can be safely eaten if fully cooked.

According to the release, shellfish should not be harvested or eaten from areas with active red tides. Red tide of Nabara Beach, says Santa Rosa County

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