Record-breaking 2,400 lionfish culled in pre-tournament for Emerald Coast Open

Destin, Florida (WKRGMore) — A record was broken in the first month of the Emerald Coast Open, the world’s largest lionfish removal tournament.

The pre-tournament will be open to all teams starting February 1st. His main two-day tournament and festival takes place each May.

  • Emerald Coast Open Main Tournament – ​​May 19, 20
  • Emerald Coast Open Lionfish Festival – May 20, 21

ECO is held in Destin, with teams participating throughout the region. In 2022, the team has exterminated 13,835 lionfish.

  • main round -11,253
  • Pre-tournament – ​​2,582

According to ECO, the pre-tournament record for single divers has been 604 throughout the tournament so far this year.

Tim Shivers of the DWM team brought in 785 fish in the first month of the 2023 event.

“It’s been a month since the start of this year’s ECO Pre-Tournament, and those numbers have been broken!!!! ONE MONTH!!! Way to go Tim Sivers! Keep up the good work!”

emerald coast open

The scoreboard as of March 10 is as follows.

Tim Shivers DWM1 785
bob brown DWM1 268
Dylan Kampuljohn Kampuljeon 1 181
austin lobby reel easy 160
Brian Bounds spirit bound 137
Seth Campuljohn Kampuljeon 1 131
Mark Crienpeter DWM1 129
Rob Pate under pressure divers 113
Tim Robinson zookeeper dive team 82
Cody Robinson zookeeper dive team 82
Daniel Landis blue bucket 69
Ryan Hawkes hawks 63
Michael Kospriek todd’s reem 32
Adam Fike down and out 30
Kevin Stage down and out 30
Riley Sladder solo operator 26
Sherry Wagner bounty hunter 20
Roston Henderson IBD 16
Jason Nemeth i don’t know 13
Robert Grunwald in the clouds 11
Dennis Stein in the clouds 11
Larry Garcia bounty hunter 8
Lisa Dahlem messy buns and guns Five

Registration for both pre-tournament and main event is still open. You can sign up online here. eco site.

Pricing will be offered monthly during pre-tournaments with generous prizes and gifts during the main event in May.

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/okaloosa-county/record-breaking-month-2400-lionfish-removed-during-emerald-coast-open-pre-tournament/ Record-breaking 2,400 lionfish culled in pre-tournament for Emerald Coast Open

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