Recommended reading: “Facebook file”

The Wall Street Journal

If you’ve been following the tech news all week, you’ve probably read some. WSJ I have already reported. But the whole series of articles tells us how much Facebook knows about unequal policy enforcement, how toxic Instagram is to teenage girls, the power of its algorithms, illegal activity, and perhaps most surprisingly. Worth a look as it shows how activists drowned, the promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine by Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Marc Wilson, Fast Company

Wearing a contact sports helmet alone cannot prevent concussion, so doctors and researchers need to look for other ways to minimize lasting effects. Q-Collar wants to limit athlete brain trauma by slowing blood flow to the internal jugular vein with a $ 200 band worn behind the neck.

Justin Charity, Ringer

We’ve come a long way since the Rumble Pack for the Nintendo 64. Ringer Through the lens of Sony’s DualSense for PS5, we will explore the role of tactile feedback in the game and think about what the future of the game will be.

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