Realtime Ubuntu Linux Now Available

Canonical has released a real-time Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux platform aimed at providing end-to-end security and reliability for time-sensitive workloads.

Announced on February 14 and positioned for use in communications, aerospace, defense, and public sector applications, version 22.04 provides deterministic response to real-time events and meets or exceeds specified deadlines. Appears to minimize response time guarantees. Based on Linux kernel version 5.15, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS integrates his out-of-tree PREEMPT_RT patchset for Arm and x86 architectures. This patch set reduces kernel latency to ensure predictable task execution. Canonical PREEMP_RT makes the kernel more preemptive than mainline Linux. Real-time Ubuntu aims to provide performance, low latency, and security for the carrier’s infrastructure, and the kernel is designed to meet the carrier’s 5G transformation needs.

Real-time kernels are available across Ubuntu OS variants. Two deployment options are available:

  • Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS With a realtime kernel, Ubuntu Pro SubscriptionThis release offers cloud images for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Support for OpenSSL encryption and secure communication. Improved network acceleration. General support for GlusterFS, FRRouting, and realmd/adcli.
  • Ubuntu Core 22 Enterprise customers use the real-time kernel to app storeUbuntu Core is a containerized Ubuntu variant for edge devices. Canonical maintains Ubuntu Core and the realtime kernel for the long term.

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