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What are the topics covered? Planned TSMC price increases, Infineon Q1 results, Marvel’s purchase of tanzanite silicon solutions, design IP sales growth, and the downturn in the semiconductor roller coaster market cycle …

5.5. TSMC price increase
TSMC has informed its customers that it plans to raise prices by “single digits” by the beginning of 2023, blaming the increase in costs. It is the second time that the price increase has been announced in less than a year. Prices rose 20% last August. Last year, TSMC announced that it would discontinue its quarterly price cut practice when the new process is on track. New prices are reported to be between 5% and 8% in various processes.

4.4. Infineon expects 2022 sales of € 13.5 billion
Infinion’s first-quarter sales were up 22% year-on-year, up 4% quarter-on-quarter to € 3,298 million, profits were 23.1%, € 731 million and free cash flow was € 120 million. .. In the second quarter of the calendar, we expect to generate approximately € 3.4 billion in revenue with a margin of approximately 21%. Infineon expects revenue of € 13.5 billion in 2022 with a 22% margin. The company plans to invest € 2.4 billion in 2022. Free cash flow is expected to be € 1.1 billion.

Marvel PXA1908, smart meter3.3. Marvel to buy tanzanite
Marvel will purchase the Tanzanite Silicon Solution, the developer of advanced Compute Express Link (CXL) technology. Tanzanite’s expertise in CXL technology helps Marvel advance towards a fully configurable cloud infrastructure. CXL connectivity is essential to Marvel’s data center portfolio of computing, electro-optics, networking, security, and storage. Benefits of CXL include infrastructure agility to allocate resources tailored to workload requirements.

2.2. Design IP sales increased 19.4% in 2021
Design IP sales increased 19.4% to $ 5.45 billion in 2021, Eric Esteve’s IPnest reported in the May 2022 Design IP Report. The main trends that will shake design IP in 2021 are very significant for most IP vendors, especially Synopsys, which is growing 21.7% above the market, 43.4% Imagination Technologies (IMG), and Flash Memory Compiler Vendor (SST). Is positive. , EMemory Technology) and Alphawave have grown over 100%.

1.1. Penn says the IC market in 2023 will fall 22%
The semiconductor industry has passed the peak of the roller coaster market cycle and is beginning to decline, said Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons at IFS2022 in London yesterday. According to Penn, 2022 is not a disaster, but 2023 will be. This year’s growth forecast is + 6%. + 10% is still possible, but + 4% is also possible. “Deceleration is inevitable, and its magnitude depends on the timing,” Penn said. “First, shipments plummet, then ASP collapses.”

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