Read most articles-lack of chips, SiFive Risc-V, Intel process

What are the topics covered this week? Whether there is a chip shortage and a chip supply chain in the US is possible, SiFive’s new Risc-V processor, flying bike, Intel process technology …

5.5. Chip shortage may have peaked
According to Susquehanna, IC lead times recorded the smallest increase in the nine months of October. The total time increased by one day in October to 21.9 weeks. However, while PMIC and opt lead times have decreased, MCU lead times have increased by six weeks, analysts say. Differences have been reported between suppliers.

4.4. Morris Chang says domestic US chip supply chain is impossible
Morris Chang says the idea of ​​building a US-based IC supply chain is impossible, even if it costs far more than the $ 52 billion envisioned by the chip law. “If you want to rebuild your complete semiconductor supply chain in the United States, that’s not a possible task,” said Mr. Chan of Taipei last night. It turns out that an imperfect chain can be very costly and much more expensive than the current cost. Chan issued a similar warning in July.

SiFive Next Generation Risc-V Core3.3. Take a peek at SiFive’s most powerful Risc-V ever
SiFive has temporarily pulled back the curtain of the most powerful Risc-V processor to date. Previously referred to only as the “next generation core,” the final design specifications and availability will be announced at the Risc-V Summit in early December. The number in the heading is a 50% improvement in the performance of SiFive’s most powerful processor, the P550. The P550 is benchmarked at 8.7SpecInt2k6 / GHz (2.4GHz 7nm 0.23mm2). The company also states that it outperforms Arm’s Cortex-A78. Please wait until December and make your own comparison.

2.2. Flying bike on sale
Nikkei reports that ALI Technologies in Tokyo has developed the Xturismo Flying Motorcycle. The bike can fly at a top speed of 100kph and can maintain that speed for 40 minutes. It weighs 300 kg and can be carried by one person. It is driven by an internal combustion engine that drives two major propellers.

1.1. Intel bets on the company
Intel is betting on the company. In a third-quarter results presentation, CEO Pat Gelsinger (pictured) said in 2022 revenues shrank from $ 77.7 billion to about $ 74 billion, and gross margin fell to 51-53% over the next few years. , Said that capital investment will be $ 25-28 billion. R & D costs will be approximately $ 15 billion. When Gordon Moore was chairman of Intel, he told me: A conservative position, trying to co-exist with existing generations of technology, is a strategy for going out of business fairly quickly. “

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