Razer manufactures MagSafe cooling fan for iPhone gamers

Razer has created a new MagSafe cooling fan for iPhone gamers. This allows you to add RGB magic to keep your device cool.

The Razer Cooler Chroma is a new mobile fan variation for both iOS and Android. The former supports MagSafe, so it snaps to the back. iPhone 12 Also iPhone 13 Uses Apple’s Magnetization Connection Standard.

Mobile gamers with Android phones and older iPhones can choose a model other than MagSafe. This model attaches to the back of the phone using good old days clamps.

The cooling system itself consists of an electronic Pelche cooling tile heatsink that draws heat from the phone and dissipates heat at 6400 rpm with a 7-blade fan.

The MagSafe cooling fan may sound pretty cool (intended for puns), but the Razer Cooler Chroma isn’t completely wireless. If you don’t have a separate power source, you’ll need to connect the fan to your iPhone using the included USB-C-Lightning cable. This can spoil some of the aesthetics, we suggest.

Speaking of aesthetics, the Razer Cooler Chroma features 12 customizable RGB LEDs that can produce 16.8 million colors in a variety of patterns. If you are an iPhone user, with flashy lights, Asus ROG Phone 5 (Hey, that might happen), this is an accessory for you.

Razer Cooler Chroma fans are available for purchase now for iOS and Android. Razer US websiteAt a price of $ 59.99. Razer manufactures MagSafe cooling fan for iPhone gamers

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