Razer gets an opt-mechanical keyboard on the second attempt

Well, well, well. See you again, Razer Huntsman.Company’s First opt ​​mechanical keyboard It was an interesting experiment. I didn’t like it very much because of the unpleasant key feel and noise. Three years later (and the mini edition), Razer is back with a new $ 190 version, but the designers seem to have finally nailed it.

Kris Naudus / Engadget

First, review: Opt mechanical key Below each switch is a small laser beam. When you press a key, the optical path is blocked and the signal you just pressed is sent to your computer. It is considered to be faster than traditional mechanical keyboards because it does not have to be fully activated (up and down) at the physical level. In fact, I didn’t notice the difference, and I still can’t tell the nanoseconds that were scraped each time I pressed the Huntsman V2 key.

Red and purple key switch


But what I can feel and hear is the layer of foam pad under the key that mutes each stroke. This gives you a much more comfortable hearing experience. The first version had this nasty metal echo that even the apparently poor could pick up. Hearing. Sure, you may not notice that you’re wearing a headset and listening to gunshots or music, but if you’re working in the office like me or sharing a small space with others. , The comfort of the people around you is important.

Razer Huntsman v2 with wrist rest


The keystrokes are still vivid, but instead of hearing a metallic scratch, there is a muffled sound. (You can select the click key at checkout.) And the switch isn’t the only improvement Razer has made to improve comfort. Magnetically connected to the Huntsman v2, so you can easily pull it out when it gets in the way, so there’s a larger, squeeze wrist rest available for an extra charge for those who like to have a wrist There-a spacious rest adds another 4 inches to 5.5-inch keyboard depth.

Black keyboard on blue background

Kris Naudus / Engadget

However, if you find yourself running out of space, Razer has also released a $ 130 tenkeyless version of the Huntsman V2. Same optomechanical switch, but without numeric keypad or media button on the right side.The feel is similar to 60% Huntsman Mini used Earlier this yearHowever, the V2 keys feel a little loose and don’t take a little effort to press. For most use cases, the difference is negligible, but for those who take the game seriously, the effort saved and the nanoseconds scraped off are important.

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