Raptic Tactical Wallet and Link + Lock AirTags Case

Apple’s little AirTag tracker hasn’t been available for six months, but when you visit Amazon, you’ll find cases of all shapes and sizes. That may seem a bit overwhelming.

Some have great reviews, others absolutely must avoid it. Tap or click here for some affordable options, including some AirTag cases to avoid..

Today, the brand known for protection technology accessories has several new options for protecting AirTag, such as a rugged lock case and a tactical wallet that doubles as an 8-in-1 multi-tool. Continue reading to see if these Raptic AirTag accessories are worth the price.

Raptic tactical wallet

The first is the Raptic Tactical Wallet with a built-in AirTag holder. A leather wallet that can hold cards, cash and removable multi-tools.

Courtesy: Raptic

Notable specifications of the manufacturer’s Raptic Tactical Wallet are:

  • 8-in-1 stainless steel multi-tool: 2 screwdrivers (plus screwdriver and flat head), wire cutter, box / letter opener, crowbar, bottle opener, hex wrench, ruler
  • Premium leather wallet that can hold 4 or 2 cards and folded banknotes
  • Polycarbonate AirTag holder
  • 4.1 inches x 2.8 inches, thickness 0.5 inches
  • Retail price $ 39.99

Take into account the size of the wallet and the fact that there is a lump of steel attached to it. Like many other minimalist-style wallets available today, the first thing to know is that it’s not designed to be carried in your back pocket. It rides forward.

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Carry this wallet

I’m no wonder about the front pocket wallet. After decades of having a traditional wallet, I finally made the switch earlier this year. Check out my previous review Of a wallet from another company called Ekster.

When Raptic sent this wallet for review, the first thing I did was pop with AirTag. The sides of the leather have openings that are used to push the tracker into the polycarbonate housing in the center of the wallet. Then push the AirTag from behind until it clicks into place.

There are two pockets on the back of the wallet that can hold two cards each, unless you have real cash. It fits snugly, especially for embossed cards with raised letters and numbers.

Even a few days later, the leather was still tight and the wallet contained four cards. Turn your wallet upside down and shake the card loosely — they weren’t upset. But to my surprise, the card could be easily removed when needed.

With four cards, adding banknotes to the side pockets of my wallet was certainly too tight. You may be able to add one or two folded banknotes, but there is a risk of tearing if you try to get them back. As you can see in the specs, reducing the number of cards in your wallet from 2 to 4 made it much easier to add cash.

The wallet itself wasn’t too uncomfortable to carry in my front pocket, but I don’t recommend keeping your phone in the same pocket. Multi-tool parts have sharp corners that can scratch the screen. Speaking of that tool …

What happened to the multi-tool?

It’s a decent idea, but in theory, the existence of multi-tools as part of the wallet remains a bit dissatisfied. To remove it, you first need to bend the wallet slightly to get the tool. Oh — there’s a first step before that first step: to bend your wallet, you need to remove all the cards that may be inside.

If you can bend slightly and grab the tool firmly, you need to rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise. I need a little practice. You should also be aware of sharp edges such as flat-blade screwdrivers and box / letter openers.

The tool works in a pinch. Do I need to open the bottle? no problem. If you need to remove the wall outlet cover, a flat-blade screwdriver is a bit tricky, but it works. For Philips heads, you have to handle very small screws to get them to work.

Is this wallet that holds your AirTag worth it?

The Raptic wallet is a bit wider and certainly heavier than the other similar sized wallets I’ve come across, but again, it has a lot of metal. Below is a size comparison with the Ekster Parliament Wallet on the left, the Raptic Tactical Wallet in the center, and the giant Boscabifold, which almost retired from day-to-day operations a few months ago.

If you’ve told yourself, “Boy, I wish I had a traceable wallet that could fix the problem,” then the Raptic Tactical Wallet is probably for you. However, it is not without its drawbacks.

I’m not interested in carrying tools to my person (although I have a set in my car), but it’s useful to have something like this when I really need it. It’s just a pain to have to empty the wallet to access a multi-tool that is a bit tricky to use anyway.

Personally, I rarely carry cash with me anymore. When it comes to this wallet, you can instead pack four cards: a driver’s license, a debit card, a credit card, and health insurance.

I know there is an ongoing transition to carry everything, Even a driver’s licenseI put it in my digital wallet, but I’m not ready to put all the eggs in that one basket yet. Even if your information is encrypted and completely secure, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your physical driver’s license due to a dead battery or lack of internet connection.

That said, I still prefer a wallet that can carry at least 6 cards, and for me, the Raptic Tactical Wallet doesn’t check the checkbox in that regard. But the price is definitely there.

Most minimalist wallets do not come with a minimal price tag. The daily Ekster Parliament price when I bought it was $ 79. This is because it was sold at the regular $ 99 rate. The Raptic Tactical wallet is made of seemingly high quality leather, It’s only $ 39.99..

Designed to hold your Apple AirTag, you won’t lose your wallet. Pay another $ 29 If you don’t own it yet. This brings the total pre-tax price to $ 70.

Raptic Link + LockAirTags case

Raptic also sent us another product to test, the Link + LockAir Tags case. This is a huge locking carabiner designed to remember where to connect.

Courtesy: Raptic


  • Built-in 3-digit dial lock
  • Cast iron zinc carabiner
  • Polycarbonate casing for fixing AirTag
  • AirTag cannot be removed if the carabiner is closed / locked
  • Approximately 4 inches high and weighs 4 ounces.
  • Retail price $ 39.99

Use of dial lock

Other than the explanation, there is not much to explain in terms of what this is for. A little setup is required.

Out of the box, the default combination is 000. The first thing to do is change it. This involves using a paper clip to push down the reset pin and select a new 3-digit combination.

The nice thing about the design is that the polycarbonate AirTag case can only be removed from the carabiner when unlocked and opened. The casing opens with a simple twist, adds an AirTag and closes.

Click on the casing to put it back in place in the carabiner and you’re ready to go. In that respect, as you can see in the image above, the carabiner hinges are open outwards rather than the regular version.

Is this locking case worth it?

Comparing the Raptic Tactical Wallet with this Link + Lock AirTags case, I personally find the latter to be more convenient. The only real downside is that it’s as expensive as a wallet, Price is $ 39.99.. This is an expensive combination lock, no matter how you look at it, with or without AirTag.

Still, it’s sturdy and easy to use as long as you need it. It’s easy to attach to a duffel bag or backpack, but what’s the point of a strong lock carabiner if it’s only attached to fragile nylon or plastic? This is a metal that needs to be attached to something as strong as a chain or looped security cable that may be used to secure something popular among bicycles and thieves.

If you need it, this locking carabiner can help. My only concern is the AirTag housing, which can easily be broken by someone who has made enough decisions to remove the tracker from the equation. Therefore, try to hide it as much as possible.

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