Raft wins USAFS BIR Phase III contract for data centralization service

The F-22 Raptor, assigned to the 525th Fighter Squadron, will conduct an agile combat employment operation to support architecture demonstrations and ratings 5.2 during the operation of Pacific Iron 21 at Antonio B. Credits: USAF / Master Sergeant Matthew Plou.

Raft, a full-stack agile services and digital consulting firm, has won a Phase III contract for Data Fabric Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) from the US Air Force (USAF).

Under the contract, the digital consulting firm will provide data centralization services to support the Department of the Air Force (DAF) Chief Architect Office (CAO) for Enterprise Data Architecture.

Raft has partnered with the federal government to enable easier and improved data analytics to fuel data centralization innovations using event streaming architectures and integrated solutions.

CAO’s mission is to use prototypes of enterprise data architectures to improve data visibility.

This gives users access to previously siled data and platforms.

Raft’s founder and CEO, Shubhi Mishra, said:

“Our common vision is to develop features that simplify application and sensor integration across all operational user communities.

“Data Fabric will permanently change the way users interact with their data, unleash new tactical features and accelerate the path to military data domination.”

Data library company Confluent and cloud-native authentication leader Styra are also joining Raft for the latest deal.

The team will work together to develop a global “trustworthy source” tactical data fabric that makes it easy to integrate heterogeneous applications.

In addition, the team will enable software factories practicing continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI / CD) to automate version control more quickly.

Tim Hinrichs, co-founder and CTO of Styra, said: “The partnership between Styra and Raft brings an open policy agent-based access control solution to the Raft Data Fabric initiative.

“As the founder of OPA, I know first-hand the power of Policy as Code in minimizing risk and accelerating development.”

July of this year US DAF Completes Architecture Demonstration and Evaluation (ADE) 5, The fifth in a series of events designed to achieve decision-making advantages. Raft wins USAFS BIR Phase III contract for data centralization service

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