RAF Heracles Separation Deploys to the Middle East for Tactical Aerial Movement

The RAF C-130J Heracles Separation provides tactical air transport capabilities in extreme environments. Credit: Royal Air Force. British monarch copyright.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has deployed a detachment of Heracles C-130J in the Middle East to provide tactical air transport capabilities to support British operations.

The detachment consists of 47 and 24 squadron aircraft and crew, as well as individual reinforcements.

Provides air mobility in extreme environments.


In addition to the aircraft crew, each Heracles sortie includes a workforce of RAF force protection, ground engineers, and movers to make the flight “self-sustaining.”

For each flight, ground engineers perform mandatory checks on a regular basis and perform maintenance on arrival.

The RAF Regiment Gunner will be deployed to provide security to the C-130J Heracles aircraft.

In the meantime, movers load and unload passengers and cargo in either the Middle East or its surrounding destinations.

Air Force Major Fairy, commander of the C-130J Detachment, said: “The C-130J has provided the backbone of the Royal Air Force’s tactical airlift capabilities in the Middle East since the launch of Operation Shader in 2014.

“We work in the dark on a daily basis, providing important support for both Operation Shader and Operation Kipion, allowing us to continue the ongoing battle with Darsh in Iraq and Syria.”

This detachment moves an average of more than 200 troops to the theater. We transport about 40 tons of cargo each month to support our mission.

The Royal Air Force said the C130’s separation also supported Britain’s “Operation Kipion,” which aimed to promote peace and stability within the wider Middle East.

Made by Lockheed Martin C-130 Heracles It features a new propulsion system with a glass cockpit, digital avionics, and a six-blade propeller. It is operated in more than 70 countries. RAF Heracles Separation Deploys to the Middle East for Tactical Aerial Movement

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