Qualys partners with Red Hat to improve security on Linux and Kubernetes

Everyone in the Linux and cloud world knows Red Hat..Anyone who pays attention to security knows Qualis..Now the two bring together Qualys Cloud Agent NS Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) CoreOS When Red Hat OpenShift To make both systems more secure.

Qualys Cloud Agent is a lightweight software agent. Typically, bursts of up to 5% use about 2% of CPU resources. Once the deployment is complete, it runs in the background and uploads a snapshot of it to the Qualys Cloud Platform for a complete configuration evaluation of the host. The agent itself is self-updating and self-healing, so you do not need to reinstall or restart the agent to keep the latest version up and running.

OpenShift, as most people know, is from Red Hat Kubernetes distribution. CoreOS is a dedicated version of Red Hat’s RHEL for OpenShift. CoreOS is not only the basic operating system, it also focuses on OpenShift’s control plane.

In this case, CoreOS Cloud Agent for OpenShift is from Qualys Container security runtime.. This allows you to continuously detect packages and vulnerabilities across your OpenShift stack. This is achieved by placing a lightweight snippet of Qualys code in the container image. Once there, you can enable policy-driven monitoring, detection, and blocking of unwanted container activity at run time. This eliminates the need for host-based sidecar management and privileged containers. Once instrumented in the image, it works within each container regardless of where the container is instantiated and does not require an additional management container.

Specifically, the Qualys Cloud Agent for CoreOS on OpenShift brings the following features to OpenShift Manager:

  • See complete inventory – continuous visibility of installed software, open ports, and Red Hat Security Advisory (RHSA)) For all Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS nodes with comprehensive reporting.
  • Host Sanitation Management – ​​Fully integrated with the Qualys Cloud Platform, it automatically detects and manages host status related to patch and known vulnerability compliance.
  • Easy Deployment to Hosts-Simplified deployment via Qualys Cloud Agent to protect the host operating system. This approach eliminates the need to change hosts, open ports, or manage credentials.
  • Get full coverage – Full coverage of Red Hat OpenShift and Qualys Container security provides comprehensive visibility from the host operating system to images and containers running in OpenShift.

Aaron Levey, Head of the Red Hat Security Partner Ecosystem, said in a statement: A hat security advisory based on Red Hat’s expertise and Qualis’ own skills in driving cloud-native security. “

Sumedh Thakar, President and CEO of Qualys, said: Safe container. “

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