Quake “Revitalized Edition” leaked from the official website, female lead, single player, MP rumors

yesterday QuakeCon2021 schedule released And it strongly suggested that the new Quake was working, and now it has been (informally) confirmed. An interactive QuakeCon schedule has also been released, and this clear explanation was taken up in the “Let’s Talk Quake” panel on August 20th …

Quake is back. In this special stream, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman talks to Machine Games’ Jerk Gustafsson about the iconic legacy of the title and what it means for both. The pair will also discuss additional content that machine games have contributed to this activated edition.

Bethesda then deleted the description, but of course Never forget the internetNS.

QuakeCon 2021 Machine Games Quake Project Scheduling Tips, Doom Eternal Update

These latest leaks Old rumors from insider Shepeshal Ed / Nick It was mostly overlooked before. The rest of what he said gains some additional credibility as he nailed the fact that the new Quake is a work of Machine Games involvement – ​​according to Nick, the new Quake There are both single-player and multi-player components and a female protagonist.

There are reportedly new Quake games under development. I think there may be some studios involved in this … I think it might be related to Machine Games, not just id. Another thing I was told is that it allegedly has a female protagonist.I asked […] This single player, is it multiplayer, is it both? Apparently it’s both? There are single player and multiplayer. It’s like a full-fledged Quake game.

Interesting thing! QuakeCon’s description makes the new project sound like a remake or remaster, while Sheshal Nick sounds like it describes the original game. Maybe it’s both? Quake remake / reimaging with some new story content from MachineGames?

Well, you’ll know as soon as QuakeCon 2021 starts on August 19th. What do you think about this? What are you looking for in a new Quake game? Quake “Revitalized Edition” leaked from the official website, female lead, single player, MP rumors

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