Q & A with Richard Burke of Arrow Business Solutions

You made five acquisitions in 2021 and when you announced them in November, you said the acquisition of CircleIT “completes Arrow’s solution portfolio.” Does that mean you might take a break from M & A?

One of the main objectives of this investment phase was to build a solution portfolio and make it as relevant as possible in the coming months and years. We’re taking a break to reach our goals and maximize our opportunities now, but we still have plenty of opportunities to partner with many organizations that see things like us. Please come more!

The 2020 account generated £ 47.8m in revenue. What is the rate of return you are currently achieving?

c. £ 96 million

In 2020, a new private equity backer (MML) has joined. What is your long-term ambition?

To continue to focus on team involvement and culture in a rapidly growing environment, we continue to grow our business across all disciplines while providing our customers with a seamless experience across our solution portfolio. Q & A with Richard Burke of Arrow Business Solutions

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