Q & A with James Kite of Printerland

Your website describes Printerland as the UK’s largest print reseller. How many printers will you ship in 2021?

Tracking 140,000 units annually, all are inter-company devices.

Revenues for the year ended March 31, 2021 were down 4%. How would you rate that period?

Sales decreased, but unit sales increased. When the world went crazy last March, when everyone was working from home, sales just went through the roof. The average box value for January was £ 300, but it was almost halved in March, April, and May as people were working at home using smaller devices.

During the blockade, we never closed. At one point I had six people, but I think I placed 2,700 orders that day. I turned off all ads, but the business was flooded.

But you still made a higher profit. How did you achieve this?

With Covid we were able to make it all zero. We questioned everything we were doing. We were spending $ 500,000 a quarter on advertising, and we saw it and went “wait a minute”.

How would you rate the demand situation in 2022?

It’s huge. It feels like everyone is back. Our consumables business is back with revenge. That is the most important thing. There is a record week. Average selling prices have returned to pre-pandemic levels and are actually higher. The challenge is inventories, but we have now overcome the worst. This fiscal year looks really good.

What are your top priorities for 2022?

Managed printing. That is our main focus right now. The managed print is transactional. It’s always a hassle and there is a great commitment to all these to our customers. We work with manufacturers to make it streamlined, easy and accessible, and to do it with zero commitment. That will be our biggest growth area. Q & A with James Kite of Printerland

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