Psychedelic startup defies stereotypes, introduces hallucinogens into mental health care

LSD, Magic Mushrooms, MDMA, Ketamine, DMT… Questionable Lines of Legitimate Businesses, and Psychedelics startup I know that. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the industry is wary of stereotypes about psychedelics.

“What the industry really needs is the most boring person out there to present the topic,” says co-founder Clara Bertenshor. Neokuma VenturesEurope’s largest VC fund for psychedelic healthcare.

Calling Bartenshaw the most boring person in the room would be absurd, but But she’s no ordinary traveler. More sophisticated entrepreneur than kaleidoscopic hippie, Bartenshaw was a corporate lawyer before pivoting into psychedelic healthcare.

It was a rare career move with well-known roots in witnessing a loved one struggle with mental health. Bartenshaw thought psychedelics could offer a better treatment.

In late 2019, she co-founded Neo Kuma (Greek for “new wave”) to invest in therapies. Her timing proved prescient. Within weeks, the world had descended into a mental health epidemic.