project44 buys Synfioo to improve the visibility of rail freight

US-based supply chain visibility platform project44 Taken over The German company Synfioo provides visibility and ETA platforms for European rail freight data.

Synfioo is said that project44 will provide customers with end-to-end data, enabling accurate ETA and low-carbon rail and barge transportation in Europe, as well as supporting faster and on-time delivery. increase.

By using Synfioo’s capabilities, project44’s European railway network is said to have the advantage of providing comprehensive visibility into the movement of all freight railways throughout Europe.

Other benefits include a combination of IoT-enabled rail tracking and unique data, as well as detailed visibility through direct integration into all European rail infrastructure networks.

It also helps provide more than 99% visibility of European rail volume, including 90% wagon-level tracking of rail vehicles.

Synfioo can integrate intermodal end-to-end rail data with machine learning algorithms to provide accurate rail travel ETAs and customer delivery times.

Marian Pufahl, former CEO and co-founder of Synfioo, said:

In addition, this agreement will allow project44 to enhance barge visibility capabilities to provide detailed and accurate visibility of key inland waterway segments across Europe.

This feature includes applying data science-based techniques for real-time individual barge tracking and providing a dynamic routing model for accurate ETA and intermodal end-to-end movement.

Carriers can use advanced depth modeling and inland waterway data sources to assess load capacity, facilitate on-time delivery, and reduce shipper and LSP delays.

related company project44 buys Synfioo to improve the visibility of rail freight

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