Project Convergence 22 aims to be the first to make a force shoot in the optimal position.

Philadelphia — The US Army will pursue advanced data sharing capabilities at this year’s Project Convergence Demonstration. Authorities said military assets in optimal positions would be ready for immediate action, regardless of country affiliation.

“We never fight as a mere joint organization,” Brig said. General Jess Ray, Network cross-functional teamSaid May 10 as a bystander of the summit with contractors and potential suppliers. “We always have a coalition partner, so we want the effect to look like this: if it’s in the best area to shoot, we want it to be shot.”

In its third year, Project Convergence aims to integrate artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomy to improve battlefield situational awareness, connect sensors to shooters and accelerate decision making. For the first time this fall, Australia and the United Kingdom will actively participate, including international participation observed by Canada and others.

International cooperation that may include New Zealand comes when the Pentagon pursues what is known as Joint all domain command and control, Or the ability to exchange information across JADC2, air, land, sea, cyber, and space, and to connect previously incompatible or siled systems. According to Ray, the demonstration is an important next step and is based on the success of previous experiments and analyzes.

“So I’m going to learn a lot of lessons here.” He said.. “And it’s not just data. We’re discussing sensor data from mission systems so we can share it not only with our co-partners, but also with our coalition partners.”

Project Convergence is the Army’s contribution to JADC2, like the Air Force’s advanced combat management system and the Navy’s project overmatch. This year’s tests will span the entire United States, including Fort Irwin’s National Training Center in California and the Navy’s electronic warfare range at China Lake.

Future state-of-the-art demonstrations will focus on theaters in both the Indo-Pacific and European theaters. Russian and Chinese threats colored the exercises, Defense News reported March. At the end of Project Convergence 21, Russia began collecting supplies at the border with Ukraine.

“Getting the right sensors through the right command and control nodes to reach the right shooters and facilitate the kill chain, and also inform decision makers,” said Maj. Gen. Army. Robert Collins said. , Program Executive Officer for Command and Control and Communications Tactics at the Two-Day Summit.

Beyond basic cooperation, the focus is on data and integration for the Army Chief Information Officer, Project Convergence 22. Raj Iyer said May 9th..

“We know we have the best weapons system platform in the world,” he said. “But really, if we have to establish strategic deterrence in the future, and if we have to win decisively in a large-scale combat operation, it will only happen through the dominance of the decision.”

“So for us to make a decision Dominance“Data is everything,” said Iyer.

Colin Demarest is a C4ISRNET reporter responsible for networking and IT. Colin previously covered the South Carolina daily newspaper on the Department of Energy and its National Nuclear Security Administration, the development of nuclear weapons and the purification of the Cold War.

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https://www.c4isrnet.com/battlefield-tech/it-networks/2022/05/12/project-convergence-22-aims-to-have-best-positioned-force-shoot-first/ Project Convergence 22 aims to be the first to make a force shoot in the optimal position.

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