Program Introduction: International MBA with IU Germany

The Master of Business Administration has long been regarded as the gateway to the fast track of a career as a manager. Today, it is important to have an MBA to prepare for the digital economy and the international business environment. The dual degree program at IU International University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and London South Bank University (UK) offers the opportunity to specialize in design thinking, business analysis, digital marketing, or digital transformation. All of these have an international direction.

Join Simplilearn at 6:30 pm IST (6 AM PDT / 7 AM EDT) on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 to discuss with Professor Florian Hummel and Dr. Malte Martensen of IU. They reveal:

  • Benefits of a dual degree from IU and London South Bank University
  • How the International MBA Program Works
  • What the degree program covers
  • Experience studying in Germany

The live session will include a question and answer session with the doctor. Hummel and Martensen.

About speakers

Dr. Florian Hummel

Florian Hummel has been Vice President of Strategic Management and International Affairs at IU International University since 2017. He wrote a dissertation at the University of Sheffield on “A Case Study Analysis of the Impact of the Bologna Declaration on Higher Vocational Education.” Germany “. Professor Hummel has worked as a faculty member, dean, vice president and CEO at various universities. In addition, he has worked as an external auditor and advisor for the development and quality assurance of higher education programs. increase.

About Dr. Marte Martensen

Professor Martensen teaches and conducts research at the IU University of Applied Sciences. He specializes in leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational psychology, human resource management, and work digitization. Professor Martensen is also an associate partner of Mercer and consults with the organization on strategic HRM. He is a speaker, trainer, certified coach, and writer. Program Introduction: International MBA with IU Germany

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