Proceedings: Strawberry Pop-Tarts do not contain enough strawberries

Stack of toaster pastries isolated on white background.

(((WJW) – The proceedings filed against Kellogg’s allegation allege that the way the company sells strawberry pop-tarts is misleading.

Anita Harris sued the breakfast food giant, claiming that the fruit filling of Kellogg’s Whole Wheat Frost Strawberry Toaster Pastry is almost another fruit. According to multiple reports.. The nutrition labeling of the product actually shows that pastries are heavier in pears and apples than in strawberries, TMZ reports.

In the proceedings, Harris says the red color of Pop-Tarts gives the “false impression” that it contains more strawberries than it really is.

And for that, she says damages exceed $ 5 million. She also wants to see Pop-Tarts labeled more accurately.

“Whether the toaster pastry contains only strawberries or only part of the strawberries … is the basic front label information consumers rely on to make quick decisions in grocery stores. The lawsuit USA Today, Read. “Strawberries are a characteristic ingredient in products … (consumers) believe they are more present than they really are.”

Kellogg said Hill He did not comment on the proceedings in dispute. Proceedings: Strawberry Pop-Tarts do not contain enough strawberries

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