Preview builds start modifying the Windows 11 start menu and taskbar

expansion / / The new start menu will kill the live tile and display all app views on a separate screen. Like the taskbar, it looks neat, but less customizable and flexible than before.

Andrew Cunningham

May have been given by Microsoft Taskbar and start menu It’s a new paint for Windows 11, but it also has new limitations on its updated look. Microsoft seems to have heard at least some of the subsequent complaints. Latest preview build of Windows 11 for Windows Insider on Dev channel Among the many other tweaks, it includes some improvements to both the taskbar and the Start menu.

For example, the Windows 11 version of the taskbar does not display the time and date on all monitors in a multi-monitor setting, but only on the primary monitor. In this preview build, the time and date will be displayed again on all monitors. Yay!

Various start menu display options.
expansion / / Various start menu display options.


The Start menu allows users to rebalance between fixed apps and “recommended” items, depending on what they want to see more.[その他のピン]Adds another line of pinned app,[推奨]Shrink the field into several entries.[その他の推奨]The view removes the row of app icons and shows up to 8 recommended items.

All Windows Insider builds in the development channel are subject to change in particular, and some of the features that Microsoft tests in these builds will never see the light of day. But hopefully these and other taskbar and start menu improvements will make it a stable version of Windows 11 (if not before) when the first major update is released next fall.

Other caveat: Microsoft is slowly migrating from the old Control Panel to the Settings app. This build will move to some advanced file sharing settings, some printer and scanner settings, and some network settings. Also, if you turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in airplane mode, Windows will remember that setting the next time you turn on airplane mode.Apart from this, Microsoft has also adjusted the color picker and resizing menu. With the paint app To better match the design of Windows 11.

List image by Andrew Cunningham Preview builds start modifying the Windows 11 start menu and taskbar

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