President Trump’s mug shot goes down in history after surrendering at Fulton County Jail

Former President Trump, past and present, became the first U.S. president known to have been photographed as a condition of appearing at Fulton County Jail in Georgia on Thursday night following his fourth criminal indictment this year. .

Trump is the only US president to face criminal charges, the first in dozens to date.

Fulton County officials released a photo of Trump after he surrendered to a local prison, joining several other defendants named in the case.

It was the first time President Trump had been photographed and made public, despite his fourth indictment. The other three times he turned himself in to authorities in other lawsuits he faced did not require him to be photographed, two of which were in federal lawsuits.

The Georgia state lawsuit involves a total of 19 defendants charged with criminal conspiracy to overturn Trump’s defeat to then-candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

The president’s headshot is in addition to already released co-defendants who surrendered earlier this week, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, attorneys Rudy Giuliani, attorneys Sidney Powell and attorneys Jenna Ellis. be done.

When a defendant surrendered in a federal lawsuit over sensitive documents in Florida, the Federal Marshals Service cited “sufficient images of the defendant in the public domain” as the reason for the need for a headshot.

But Fulton County has signaled for several days that officials will stick to their usual practice of photographing defendants in the Fulton County Jail.

Sheriff Pat Labatt previously said, “Unless someone tells you otherwise, we’re following our normal practices, so your status doesn’t matter. We’ll have your picture ready.” According to WSB Television.

It remains to be seen how Trump will use this official historical photo, but the Trump campaign has already capitalized on past indictments by pasting fake mugshots onto campaign tools. there is

At least two of his co-defendants, lawyers Jenna Ellis Former Georgia Republican Party Speaker David Shafferboth made mugshots on their profile pictures on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter).

https://www.wkrg.com/hill-politics/trump-mugshot-makes-history-after-surrender-at-fulton-county-jail/ President Trump’s mug shot goes down in history after surrendering at Fulton County Jail

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