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Former President Trump on Thursday criticized the Secret Service for closing an investigation into cocaine found in the White House, suggesting it was demonstrating “two levels of justice.”

“With all the cameras pointing directly at the ‘crime scene’ and the best forensics in the world, why can’t they figure it out? They have the answer.” I know, and so do others!” Trump Posted on Truth Social.

secret Service At a meeting with parliamentarians Thursday said an investigation into the cocaine found in the White House would formally end on Friday after officials failed to identify a suspect.

“In the meantime, they have been targeting me for years in what has been called the greatest witch hunt in history,” the former president replied, adding that this represented “two-level justice.” added.

Some former Trump White House staffers are more concerned with figuring out who got the coronavirus during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak than trying to figure out the source of the drug recently discovered by the media. He complained that he was focusing on tracking. However, the Secret Service was not responsible for investigating who in President Trump’s White House contracted the virus.

Chad Gilmartin, former assistant chief of staff and special adviser to President Trump, said: wrote on twitter“When You Get Sick vs. When You Forget Your Cocaine”.

The tweet included a screenshot of the Fox News headline saying the Secret Service had closed the cocaine investigation, next to a list of people who tested positive for coronavirus after attending an event at the White House Rose Garden. It was accompanied by a diagram from the New York Times showing.

Ben Williamson, a former senior public affairs adviser to President Trump, echoed the sentiment, writing that “a junior press adviser who tested positive for COVID-19 was pictured on national television within hours.” .

Another former employee, Harrison Fields, posted images tracking the coronavirus outbreak in the White House, saying, “The media is more concerned about who was sniffing cocaine in the Biden administration’s West Wing than who was sniffing cocaine during the Trump administration.” We were tracking if he was sniffing his nose more aggressively.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican, Georgia, told reporters on Thursday that members of the House Oversight Committee were told the Secret Service had narrowed down a list of about 500 suspects. . Green said she wouldn’t go into details about who was on the list because the Secret Service is classified, she said, adding that the suspect list includes “a pretty diverse set of people.” I just made it clear.

Cocaine was found on July 2 in the lobby area of ​​the West Wing, where visitors deposit electronic devices and personal belongings before entering.

On Thursday, the Secret Service told lawmakers that 0.007 grams of cocaine had been found, according to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado). She added that the Secret Service has not provided an exact timeline of when the cocaine was left in the White House.

The discovery of the cocaine has led conservative media outlets and Republican lawmakers to associate it with former drug user Hunter Biden, son of President Biden. However, the White House rejected the relationship.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said last week, “We have to condemn this for irresponsible reporting about the family.” “I made it very clear…the Bidens weren’t here. They weren’t here. They were at Camp David.”

https://www.wkrg.com/hill-politics/trump-criticizes-end-of-white-house-cocaine-probe/ President Trump criticizes White House’s end of cocaine investigation | Reuters WKRG

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