President Biden makes new promises to Native American nations

WASHINGTON (NEXTER) — President Biden unveiled plans at Wednesday’s tribal nations summit, making new promises to Native American nations.

This was the first in-person Tribal Nations Summit in years and marked a unique moment for tribal leaders to connect with federal authorities.

“Respect means being there in person to show it,” President Biden said.

Biden has rolled out a series of new initiatives the federal government is taking against indigenous peoples. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said it was particularly important after the dark history of US repression.

“Once charged with assimilating people through family separation, this agency now leads the work to heal broken promises and strengthen the Indian nation,” Harland said. rice field.

The Biden administration plans to require federal agencies to consult with tribal leaders when formulating policies that affect them. PaaWee Rivera, the White House director of tribal affairs, said it’s more than ticking a box.

“To ensure that the voices of tribes and government leaders are specifically heard and their comments and opinions are respected,” Rivera said.

The White House is also launching new initiatives to help revitalize native languages.

“Mother tongue is really the foundation of culture, and it’s the foundation of how we preserve indigenous knowledge, how we teach our children and pass on traditions,” Rivera said.

The president also announced a plan to share federal land and water management, noting the $45 billion the federal government has sent directly to Native American countries to fight coronavirus and improve infrastructure.

“We will continue to support tribal economies and fight for better tribal health care, childcare, education, housing, public safety, and more,” Biden said.

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