Preparing to restart Winamp; start registering beta testers

Winamp, a popular third-party media player that dominated the music streaming industry before 2000, is all ready for a resurgence. Winamp’s parent company, Radionomy, suggests a restart plan with a redesigned website, logo, and a new beta sign-up that allows users to test the latest version of the app with a new look. Winamp Media Player for PC was launched in 1997. It became one of the most popular platforms for playing MP3 tracks before streaming apps like Spotify appeared.

The new Winamp website has received a new design and a new logo. The website has a “Winamp for the Next Generation” tagline, and the app allows users to stream online radio and podcasts. You can now enter your contact details to visit the website and sign up for Winamp Beta Test. “Winamp is a legend. It’s a game changer since 1997. It’s a heritage media player and a vibrant community of 80 million active users around the world today,” reads the updated website.

Media players also invite artists and audio creators to the platform. Winamp promises to manage the content of its creators and helps them work closely with their fans to earn a fairer income.

The version that Winamp will release for testing is unknown. Interested users can also download the current 5.8 version of Winamp. According to the company, it currently has 80 million active users worldwide.

Remember, Winamp was originally owned by Nullsoft. The company was then sold to AOL in 1999. In 2014, Radionomy acquired Winamp and related services from AOL. At that time, the company witnessed a significant decline in its popularity. Many attempts have been made to revive the app, but it didn’t work. Winamp’s first update in years was officially released by the company in 2018. The update adds support for both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

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