PPDSUS becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of TPV Group–PCR

PPDS’s US business is TPV group..

Operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of TPV, the transfer of activities from EPI (effective May 1st) will be fully enjoyed by PPDS US as a team across PPDS’s other international markets, including priority access to the core. It means leveraging manufacturing power and resources. An end-to-end supply chain system that allows full control and monitoring of components and materials for continued production, as well as logistics streams.

Franck Racapé, Head of Global Commercial for PPDS, said: The current business dynamics in North America are very promising and we look forward to further accelerating trends, providing total display solutions to customers in all sectors and putting Philips professional displays in place. increase. “

In preparation for this latest evolution of US business, PPDS has made many significant structural changes over the last 12 months. This includes a major corporate rebranding in February (2021) and a switch to PPDS, formerly Philips Professional Display Solutions. PPDS is more than just a new name, it represents the business transition from display providers to total solution enablers, strategically with leading local and global third-party partners such as AppSpace, Crestron, D-Tools and Logitech. It forms a complementary relationship. , Intel, Navori, Skykit add solutions, choices and value to channels and broader markets, to name just a few.

The US team, which helps accelerate PPDS growth in North America, will also receive support from PPDS’newly announced Global Leadership Team. This team consists of Franck Racapé, Head of Global Commercials, and Martijn Vander Woude, Head of Global Business Development and Marketing. And Robert Hsu – Head of Global Product Management.

Business in the United States is driven by Vince Schuster, an experienced and proven AV business leader who was appointed Vice President of Professional Display in October 2021.

For these changes, Schuster has achieved significant business growth in the U.S. market over the past 12 months, as well as PPDS, which is backed by one of the industry’s most complete and innovative solution portfolios. He emphasized that he has sufficient facilities to do so. The ambition of that market.

Vince said: “This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve participated in in my career. The organization has a variety of majors including signage and information displays, hospitality TV, interactive and collaborative displays, business TV and DV LEDs. We have a complete industry-leading product portfolio that fits the market. “

He goes on to say: “Leveraging partnerships and open technologies such as Android, while leveraging recent announcements such as the cloud-based Wave platform, the latest technology to securely and remotely monitor the deployment of large projects for SI and software partners. Offering. PPDS is already high and proud in the global market. TPV has brightened the future of US business like never before. Partners have joined our journey and are highly innovative and future. We look forward to helping our customers exceed their expectations with sexual solutions. “

Bruce Wrywitzke said: We look forward to meeting all of InfoComm’s customers with one key message in mind. Wide position in the North American market. “

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