“Powered by AI” is unnecessary marketing, Pure Hogwash: Zerodha

Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has grown significantly, but no one seems convinced of applications that make life (or business) easier. The latest to question their efficiency is Zerodha’s founder, Nithin Kamath. He himself has not commented on the use of AI and ML in the securities industry, but shares what Kailash Nadh, chief technology officer of Zerodha, the “behind-the-scenes man” of his company, says about this. Did. Nadh said most of the claims “using AI” are “extra marketing and pure shit.”

Kamato Tweet When Zerodha is repeatedly asked whether to use AI or ML, or whether to use it, the use case continues to say “not found” yet. So Kamato decided to submit this question to Nad and share Nad’s answer on Twitter.

According to Nadh, Zerodha uses no AI or ML system other than product image recognition tools to process images during onboarding, and the company hasn’t faced any issues yet. He also said that many brokers publicly advertised “using AI”, but none reported usage. This conclusion is based on the interaction between Zerodha and market regulator SEBI, which is a quarterly survey of AI or ML usage by all Indian brokers.

“I would like to argue that most of the” AI-powered “claims from industry interactions are extra marketing and pure shit. Most of the use of AI or ML, if any, is an easy-to-plug-in commodity tool that doesn’t need to be mentioned, not to mention powerful “AI-powered” marketing, “Nadh said. increase.

The CTO states that almost every “AI-first mindset” in the industry is a powerful example of “false assumptions, complete delusions, and often intellectual fraud.” Nadh also said he was “very skeptical” of anything labeled “with AI.”

Zerodha is a leading brokerage firm based in Bangalore. The operation started in August 2010. The company name is a combination of zero and the Sanskrit word “roda,” which means barrier. “Powered by AI” is unnecessary marketing, Pure Hogwash: Zerodha

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