Power Electronics Week Insight: Decarbonization, e-mobility, etc.

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New compact half bridge power IC

Wise integration, digital control expertGaN (gallium nitride)Power and GaN ICs have released their first commercial product, the 120m Ohm WI62 120 Half Bridge Power IC. It provides power electronics designers with unprecedented levels of power density, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

New three-phase BLDC motor control software

PI motor control solution

Power Integrations recently released new motor control software for three-phase BLDC motor drives. This comprehensive hardware-software solution provides 98.2% efficiency, reduces board space by more than 70%, and requires only three components for current feedback circuitry.

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How to decarbonize building heating at the lowest cost

Energy storage

This article explores how the country can decarbonize building spaces at the lowest cost and in a way that is likely to be supported by both liberal and conservative lawmakers who want to decarbonize. increase.

DC contactor■ Strengthen safe and reliable e-Mobility

DC contactor.

Contactors are important components for connecting, disconnecting, and disconnecting high-power devices. Widely used in rail and industrial applications, contactors are gaining momentum thanks to the electrification process throughout the transport sector and the ongoing transition to electrical mobility.

GaN power HEMT> 650V: Parametric analysis and comparison with SiC MOSFETs

GaN power HEMT

Over the past few years, SiC MOSFETs have played a dominant role in high voltage (> 600V) and high power applications. The advantages of thermal conductivity, high critical magnetic field, significantly improved switching efficiency, and the ability to form silicon dioxide on its surface have enabled significant process, design, and reliability improvements.

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