Polish Navy Procures iXblue DriX Unmanned Ground Vehicle

DriX USV under test in the French Navy. Credit: iXblue.

iXblue has delivered a DriX unmanned aerial vehicle (USV) to the Polish Navy’s Hydrographic Department for research applications.

The DriX is an 8m USV designed to perform various missions such as hydrographic surveys.

It is equipped with advanced sensors such as radar, lidar, camera, and artificial intelligence (AI).


iXblue said the USV will further enhance the Polish Navy’s waterway capabilities.

The purchase was made through iXblue’s local partner, Thesta.

According to the company, DriX USV analyzes the environment, avoids obstacles and executes missions autonomously.

USV’s Launch and Recovery System allows you to launch vehicles from ships or navigate directly from ports to autonomously map large areas of the ocean in a short amount of time.

iXblue Ships & Drones Global Business Development Guillaume Eudeline said: USNOAA.

“Providing outstanding nautical and speed capabilities, the DriXUS V acts as a true force multiplier, allowing the Polish Navy to obtain high-quality data while optimizing research productivity, efficiency, safety and environmental footprint. Useful for.

“I would like to thank them for their trust, and now I look forward to an ongoing partnership with them.”

Marine service of the French Navy last December Shom tested iXblue’s DriXUS V Under the “Future Waterways and Ocean Capacity (CHOF)” program.

During this test, two DriXs were deployed simultaneously in collaboration mode with the oceanographic ship Beautemps-Beaupré. Polish Navy Procures iXblue DriX Unmanned Ground Vehicle

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