Police summon Twitter India’s head over violent video conflict

Indian police sent a notice to Twitter India’s Managing Director, Manish Maheshwari, appearing in front of them. Police based in the relatively small city of Ghaziabad, just east of the capital, appeared to him and asked him to record a statement about the ongoing incident of viral video.

Earlier this week, city police Proceedings Twitter, journalists Mohammed Zubair and Rana Ayyub, and online media entity The Wire allegedly caused community tension through tweets. The tweet contained a video of an old Islamic man who was assaulted in Ghaziabad.

The notification sent in Hindi says: Twitter did not object to this, making these messages viral and reaching a larger audience across the country. Investigation into this issue is ongoing and participation is mandatory. You must report to the Roni Border Police Station within 7 days. “

This notification is Twitter loses safe harbor in India.. But at the time, lawyers suggested that only the court, not the government, could decide if a company was an intermediary.Earlier this week, IT Minister RS ​​Prasad criticized Twitter’s failure to comply India’s new social media policing rules on time..

Last month, Delhi police visited the Twitter India office and Cases related to manipulated media tags Applied by social networks.

However, due to a pandemic, the office was closed and they had to return. As the government continues to screw the company, Twitter will have to train itself to tackle what appears to be just the beginning of a legal issue in India. Police summon Twitter India’s head over violent video conflict

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