PocketView displays smart display through fabric

Canadian researchers have developed PocketView, an innovative LED display that displays information through clothing and other fabrics.

PocketView promises to simplify the display (image by Thomas Ulrich on Pinterest)

According to the team, PocketView can act as a standalone technology or be integrated into existing or next-generation smart devices.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have created prototypes that mimic smartphones, pens, key fobs, and other shapes and sizes. The display glows through the fabric to show notifications of basic information in emails, messages, times, weather, or other formats.

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“The idea is not to show all the information normally displayed on a smartphone display,” said Antony Albert Raj Irudayaraj, PhD researcher at the Cheriton School of Computer Science in Waterloo. “These are displays that show minimal information. For example, if you’re walking or cycling, it’s enough to show you the basic navigation steps. Or you’re receiving a message and you’re doing it yourself. Let’s say you don’t want to distract yourself. You can look through the display to see the notifications. “

The new display technology was developed by a team of researchers working in the field of human-computer interaction. Prior to device development, the team conducted a public survey of 106 respondents who notified the prototype design.

Nikhita Joshi, a PhD researcher in computer science at Waterloo, said: “Various sizes are important because so many women’s clothing have small pockets. Phones in the front pocket can be uncomfortable. So if you have something small, people will have more. You have a choice. We have created a variety of foam factors that are also suitable for the small pockets commonly found in women’s clothing. “

Display devices can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them versatile enough to be worn on any garment with pockets. Another important point of the new Bluetooth-enabled display technology is that it is relatively inexpensive and can be deployed easily and quickly on a large scale.

Currently working on stand-alone prototypes, researchers say that next-generation LED displays of these types can be easily integrated into existing devices. The team added that other research on wearable displays tends to focus on creating new high-tech fabrics, but PocketView works with the clothes people already have.

“Obviously, we’re focusing on the technical and programming aspects of the invention,” said Daniel Vogel, an associate professor of computer science at Waterloo. “But as a fashion accessory, it’s what people want us to do. People can use it in clubs, sports, or many other ways. It’s that simple. But it’s also a very radical idea with so many possibilities. “

Irudayaraj, Joshi and Vogel present their work.PocketView: Information display for the entire fabricAt the 2021 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, October 10-14, with collaborators Rishav Agarwal, Aakar Gupta, and Omid Abari. PocketView displays smart display through fabric

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