Planned protests over conditions inside Alabama prison, work halted

Montgomery, Alabama (WIATMore) — Protesters gathered outside the headquarters of the Alabama Department of Corrections in Montgomery to express concern about conditions inside prisons statewide.

Organizers of the rally have cited calls for improved conditions, including parole reform and the repeal of the Habitual Offenses Act, which imposes longer prison sentences for offenders each time they commit a felony. I tried to provide a list of requests, but it says denied. They say they plan to contact Gov. Kay Ivey next.

ADOC confirmed to CBS 42 Inmates inside the prison are on labor strikes “at every major correctional facility in the state” in protest of the conditions. was up and running and there were no significant service interruptions.”

Alabama’s prisons have been a major point of contention for years after the U.S. Department of Justice began investigating them. The facility was surveyed in 2016. Four years later, DOJ sued ADOC on the condition that inmates were denied their 8th and 14th Amendment rights. ADOC later said the case was “not on the merits.”

just last week, Castelio Vaughan family, Serving a 25-year sentence at Elmore Correctional Institution, he released disturbing photos of Vaughan looking emaciated and unable to get up after being sent back to prison after undergoing surgery in August. ADOC declined to comment on Vaughan’s condition.

Protesters said at Monday’s rally that the work stoppage would continue inside the prison until the group’s demands were met.

Full list of requests Here are some comments from protesters:

  • Abolish the habitual offense law immediately
  • Immediate retroactive application of the presumptive standard
  • Abolish drive-by shooting laws
  • Create a statewide conviction preservation unit
  • Mandatory Parole Criteria Guaranteeing Parole to All Eligible Persons Who Meet the Criteria
  • Streamlined review process for medical furloughs and review for immediate release of detained elderly
  • Lower minimum 30 years for juvenile offenders to 15 years before they qualify for parole
  • abolish life without parole

https://www.wkrg.com/alabama-news/protests-work-stoppages-planned-over-conditions-inside-alabama-prisons/ Planned protests over conditions inside Alabama prison, work halted

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