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(NEXSTAR) — late Friday night, ABC News has confirmed the death of one of its longtime pillars, broadcasting pioneer Barbara Walters. A television icon and first female network news anchor, she was 93 years old.

Few details have been released regarding the journalist’s death, including the cause.

and Tweetthe network said Walters had “broken the glass ceiling and become the dominant force in an industry once dominated by men.”

Walters was born in Boston in 1929. After attending Sarah Lawrence College, Walters entered the television broadcasting industry, where he took a position as an assistant public relations director at an NBC affiliate in New York City. Britannica.

After several press jobs, Walters was eventually named co-host of NBC’s long-running morning show Today, in 1974, along with Hugh Downes. .

Walters joined ‘ABC Evening News’ in 1976 as a co-anchor with veteran Harry Riessner.It was a tense pairing that the two publicly discussed, with Downes later exiting the program. today In 1981, the two met again for an interview with ABC news magazine 20/20, with Walters serving as a correspondent from the 1970s to 2004.

Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, Walters not only worked on “20/20” (including exclusive interviews with world leaders and movie stars), but also “Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating Shows.” was also known for various specials he hosted for ABC, such as people. “

Walters became the creator of the show in 1997 and launched the ongoing daytime talk show, The View. As outlined in her theme in the show’s first opening, Walters wanted to bring together a variety of women from a variety of backgrounds to discuss the current events of the day, also known as “Hot Topics.” rice field.

Walters also served as one of the show’s original panelists, alongside journalist Meredith Vieira and comedian Joy Behar. Walters said she retired from ‘The View’ in 2014.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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